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RS N64 Engine
Score: 100%
Developer: Act Labs
Device Type: Miscellaneous


What is the RS Engine? The RS Engine is an integral part of Act Labs? RS racing system line. These are steering wheel and pedal systems which are high quality and perfect for racing on consoles or PCs. The RS Engine is essentially a ?cartridge? that fits into the back of the steering wheel, and has the appropriate cables to interface the gaming system of your choice. In addition, the RS Engine handles any necessary translation to facilitate the interface. This system allows both the Act Labs RS and Force RS to be used with multiple systems.


The beauty of this system is that you only pay for the compatibility you want to use. If you buy an RS for one of the systems you own, you can buy an additional RS Engine and use it with your other system. Due to the fact that the individual interfaces are specifically for a single gaming system, no compromises are required. All you get is accurate, high precision control, and great handling.

  • Allows the Force RS and/or RS to be used with the N64
  • Built-In 256K Internal Memory
  • Works in Analog Pedal and Digital Pedal Modes
  • Includes Stickers for Labeling Button Definitions

Drawbacks & Problems::

No problems with the RS Engine as it was designed. Only a wish; the RS Engine for the N64 was not designed to support the dual shock feature. As far as the handling, precision, and performance overall when used with an Act Labs RS or Force RS, it performs excellently, but has no method for setting the sensitivity of the wheel. This can often be remedied by selecting a car with good handling.

The RS Engine is an ?add-on? for the Act Labs RS or Force RS steering wheels. You must have an Act Labs RS or Force RS to use the RS Engine. If you bought the Nintendo 64 compatible model of the RS, congratulations. It?s in the box. If, however, you have the Force RS (PC) or the RS for another console system, the N64 compatible RS Engine will allow you to use it with your N64 as well.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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