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Intensor LX Chair
Score: 80%
Developer: Fox Interactive
Device Type: Miscellaneous
Compatible With:


Plug this puppy into any composite source that has an audio out (you may need separate cables if they didn?t come with the device) and you?re set. Line Out to Composite adapters are available at most electronics stores and computer stores. Easy peasy. Plus, this puppy hooks up to your DVD/TV/VCR/Console Gaming System/etc. with no muss and no fuss. As long as you have the cables, there?s no problem.

On the side of the chair are your requisite volume and tone controls, along with a headphone jack. The power cable now connects to the side as well, making it much more difficult to unplug it accidentally. It screws in as well, so you?ve gotta be yanking pretty hard to get that puppy out. There?s a power button on the base unit, along with plugs for the composite audio and the lead to the AC adapter. The base unit?s separate, but it?s durable, so you don?t have to worry about banging it around too much.


Hard plastic, removable cushion (not cushioned enough, though) pads, screw-in power connector. This baby?s surviving nuclear holocausts.

The Intensor LX kept much of the sleek design of the original. It no longer has the armrests, which was a detriment; now the back folds down. When you don?t have it set up as a true "chair," this comes in handy for portability reasons. But if you have the wheel-base unit, pretty much all it does is give the chair a smaller profile when not in use.

The sound effects are great to have playing all around you. You?ll have to adjust the audio in games to make the effects volume higher and music lower, although you can?t do that, of course, for movies and stuff. Of course, one of the best thrills is popping in something like Aliens, with lots of booming bass and feeling the chair throb. Mmm. It?s definitely an interesting experience, but it?s probably one that you?d want to try out beforehand -- the immersive audio isn?t for everyone.

  • Can be loud as hell if you want it to be
  • Sleek design with collapsible back
  • Base unit has adjustable height
  • Swivel and roll base unit
  • Great conversation piece

Drawbacks & Problems::

The main problems I have with the Intensor LX involve its use of style over comfort. Sure, the chair looks sleek, but it hurts my butt, along with the butts of all of my family members, and a few of my friends. There are some that find it comfortable, but as a general rule, the chair?s uncomfortable for extended periods. The back of the chair was also too ?forward? for me, making me sit awkwardly. Ordinarily, this would cause me to give the device a low rating, but I realize that body shapes do seriously vary. The best thing I can suggest is to try one out before you buy it, because although the $199 is a very reasonable price for a high-quality chair, it?s too high for an uncomfortable high-quality chair.

-Sunfall to-Ennien, GameVortex Communications
AKA Phil Bordelon

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