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6T4 Controller
Score: 80%
Developer: Logic 3
Device Type: Controller


The 6T4 Pad by Logic 3 is a well-constructed Nintendo 64 Controller. With a similar design to the original N64 controllers (with the exception of shorter side-handles), you will be able to easily pick up and control your on-screen characters with ease. The 6T4 Pad?s buttons have a loose feel to them compared to other controllers of similar design that I have played with, giving a sensation of better control. However, with the shorter sides, someone with larger hands may have difficulties triggering the Right and Left buttons with their index fingers. With the options of Slow Motion and Turbo, you have greater control when playing. Slo-Mo is easily attained at the press of one button. To enable/disable turbo, you simply hold down the button you want auto-fire with, and press the Turbo button.


Depending on your own style, the design of the 6T4 Pad could be distracting to some gamers, yet comfortable to others. I personally like the feel of the original N64 controllers, so picking up the 6T4 Pad with its shorter side handles was a bit strange at first. However, its shorter/fatter sides may be easier for children to get a good grasp of this controller.

I didn?t experience any problems with accidentally triggering the Slo-Mo button when reaching for the Start button with my right thumb. But if you are used to doing this with your left thumb, you may have to get used to avoiding this problem. Other than that, button setup is virtually identical to the original N64 controllers, so getting into the action should not be a problem.

  • 6 Fire Buttons
  • 8-Way Directional Digital Controller
  • 3D Analog Stick
  • LED Control Panel
  • Independent Auto Fire
  • Slow Motion
  • Memory Card Slot
  • 6-Foot Cable

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only real drawback would be the possibility of accidentally pressing the Slo-Mo button when reaching for the Start button. Related to that, enabling the Slow Motion feature is simply like pressing the Start button repeatedly. Pressing the Start button in most N64 games will bring up a pause menu, so this can be distracting when trying to slow down gameplay in those sticky situations. Although those gamers used to the standard N64 controller may need time to get used to the ?feel? of the 6T4 Pad?s design, it is a solid controller, and therefore, worthy of purchase.

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

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