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Hyper Max 8
Score: 80%
Developer: Nyko
Device Type: Miscellaneous


For a Controller Pak, Nyko?s Hyper Max 8 has a lot of switch settings. There are only two switches, but they each have four settings. The first switch is the Mode switch. This allows you to choose between memory card bank ?M1,? memory card bank ?M2? (both with four pages of memory each), or Vibration feature ?A? or ?B.? The difference between the A and B setting is that the B setting is an enhanced rumble effect. It?s about one and a third times as powerful as the A setting. The A setting is roughly equivalent to the standard Rumble Pak?s vibration.


In order to use the different features of the Nyko Hyper Max 8, you have to throw the switches fairly often. This is especially true of switching between the memory function and the vibration functions. This is not a failure of the Hyper Max 8, however. This is dictated by the way the N64 controller?s port is handled. What the Hyper Max WILL do, however, is keep your controller from wearing out quickly due to repetitive removing and plugging in of multiple paks. Just stick Nyko?s Hyper Max 8 in, and you have the use of a Rumble Pak (essentially two different ones), and 984 blocks of memory. It should take a while to fill that much memory, and by the time you do, you probably won?t need the first things you saved on the card.

The N64 will prompt you to insert a Rumble Pak or memory card. When this happens, you simply flip the appropriate switch(es) and you?re ready to get going. The hardest thing to keep up with is which Page your saved game is on. If you can keep track of that, you?ll have it made!

  • Compatible with all games which support Rumble Pak and/or Save option via Memory Pak
  • Save up to 984 Blocks of Memory
  • Eliminates switching between Memory Paks and Rumble Paks
  • 2 Vibration Levels
  • Low Power Consumption ( = long battery life)

Drawbacks & Problems::

Batteries. That?s my only complaint. I have this funny scrunched up face that I always get when I see a piece of hardware that needs batteries. If it?s at ALL possible to design something that doesn?t take batteries, it would be preferable. Now, the Nyko Hyper Max 8 is supposed to have low power consumption, and therefore, long battery life. And the extra rumble in the ?B? setting is definitely worth it, but still... batteries. Anyways, I suppose if the only thing to gripe about a piece of hardware is that it needs batteries, then it must be pretty good. So, if you?re looking for a really good, well built solution to your Memory Pak/Rumble Pak needs, then the Hyper Max 8 is an excellent choice. Batteries not included.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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