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Memory Pak x2
Score: 100%
Developer: Nyko
Device Type: Memory/Storage


It?s like this. If you?re gonna play games on your Dreamcast, you?re gonna need to save a game. However, there are lots of companies with memory cards out there. Plus, in the trash-talking, reputation-building, cut-throat competition of video gaming, it always helps to have a little bit of style. Enter the Nyko Memory Pak x2. You get the functionality of two memory cards in one ?easy-to-take-to-your-next-victim?s-house? package. Made by a company known for solid, innovative products, and stylishly designed for that important ?my-hardware-is-better-than-your-hardware? first impression.


The Nyko Memory Pak x2 is a memory card. It works much the same as any other memory card. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Memory Pak x2 has two pages. To access the inactive page, you simply have to press the black button on the side of the card. You can easily see which page you?re on while the Dreamcast is on. There is a red light on the right which is lit if ?page one? is selected. Selecting ?page two? will turn off this red light and light a green light on the right side of the memory card. This is easily seen through the transparent plastic case.

  • Two-times the memory space
  • Red light/Green light for page differentiation

Drawbacks & Problems::

Regardless of what system, the one ?law of memory cards? is that a true gamer will always need another one. Save a trip to your ?supplier?... Pick up Nyko?s ultra cool Memory Pak x2 and have a card that will last twice as long -- while looking slick at the same time. When you see ?Nyko? it means... get the gear!

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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