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Score: 80%
Developer: Act Labs
Device Type: Controller


Customization, versatility, INSTANT GRATIFICATION! The EagleMax presents a great many options to the new user, making the starting process a bit tedious. But once you get the hang of the button placement, you?ll definitely be able to have greater control over the sometimes daunting three dimensional environment of the several types of Flight/Combat games available. The layout of buttons is as follows:

  1. On the bottom of the base are eight buttons which I found to be very helpful when used as the ?View? buttons.
  2. The stick itself has the normal trigger and thumb buttons accompanied by two buttons on the top beside an eight way hat stick, which is ideal to program cockpit views to.
  3. I was pleased to be allowed the use of two trim wheels for lateral and longitudinal trim adjustments, which is a pet peeve of mine with flight controllers which lack same.
  4. As is customary with flight controllers, a throttle wheel is also included for engine control.
  5. Strangely, on the left side of the controller is a large Rocker-type switch which is a sort of enigma to me as I?ve never encountered it before, although it would serve quite well as a ?Forward/Backward? control for ?First Person Shooter? games.
A wealth of options is available to sate the customization demands of even the most controlling of control freaks! Just press the key you want to program, then press the keyboard key currently having that command and Voila! Your EagleMax is programmed. It even does ?combination moves? with the touch of one button (great for Die By the Sword or Tomb Raider). And it also has onboard support for four separate ?Macros? (custom control configurations for your favorite games that you can call up with the touch of a button). Basically, if you?ve got the time and imagination, you can program most anything as far as moves into it.


Thought this was gonna be easy, ehhhhh? It IS a little bit of work alright, y?all! Most good things are, and no exception here as it took me several hours to get comfortable programming inputs. But rest assured that the EagleMax can be fully programmed, just as the manual claims.

I was amazed at the accuracy and consistency of smoothness with which the EagleMax transmitted my control inputs to the aircraft I was flying in my favorite flight sim -- the much maligned Fighter Squadron: Screamin? Demons Over Europe, which does tend to promote over-control response from sticks. The EagleMax, however, gave predictable and accurate inputs, even when firing at an enemy which with other sticks can cause shaking. Man! I thought it was me doin? that!

  • Store key commands in four separate Macros
  • Programming on the fly as you play
  • Eight-way HAT Switch for views
  • Ergonomic Joystick/rugged construction
  • Two trim wheels

Drawbacks & Problems::

The eight programmable buttons at the bottom of the controller can be a little awkward to access somewhat, limiting their practical use. I wish the buttons on the stick were larger, as tactile response suffers as a result. If your not experienced with PC gadgets, be prepared for some trial and error when in the ?programming phase.?

-d0gsb0dy, GameVortex Communications
AKA Kelly Key

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