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BW2000 Flat Panel Speaker System with Subwoofer
Score: 80%
Developer: Benwin
Device Type: Audio
Compatible With:


The Benwin BW2000 Flat Panel Speaker System utilize a unique technology called ?NXT? to produce their sound. This technology allows for speakers that have no cones and can more accurately reproduce the treble range of sounds. However, these flat panel speakers do not handle the lower ranges well. To correct this, the BW2000 System includes a subwoofer. The subwoofer is small and is based on a conventional cone based speaker. When used by itself, the BW2000 still doesn?t manage to produce the bass response most would desire. If the bass is turned all the way up on the subwoofer, heavy distortion is the result. This would be expected of such a small subwoofer system, but you simply can?t get enough volume on the bass range with this small subwoofer. The subwoofer should be used simply to ?balance? the high ranges produced by the flat panels. If you do this, and use the BW2000 System in tandem with conventional speakers, you will be treated not only to high quality sound and unbelievable clarity, but you?ll also hear sounds that you never heard with your old conventional speakers.


There is a certain ?character? of the higher ranges that is not accurately reproduced by conventional cone speaker systems. If you?ve been in the same room as a guitarist during a recording session and then listened to the playback, you may have noticed that you can not only hear the music being played when its live, but also the technique -- the fingering and the picking or strumming -- all of the hand motions on the instrument make audible sounds when you?re standing there next to it. The recording, however, loses much of this subtlety. In fact, until I tested these speakers, I was of the opinion that these sounds were not actually making it into the recording. You can only imagine my surprise when I was playing various CDs through the Benwin BW2000 Speakers and began noticing subtle sounds that I had never heard in the recordings before! This aspect, in my opinion, makes owning the BW2000 worthwhile, especially at the $99 list price. That is, of course, only if you can run a pair of conventional speakers along with the BW2000, to provide the lower ranges that the flat panels (and for that matter, the included subwoofer) cannot reproduce.

Installation is a breeze. You have to plug an AC adapter into the wall and into the Subwoofer unit, plug the pair of flat panel speakers into the subwoofer, and attach the bases to the flat panel speakers. Beyond that, the flat panel speakers simply plug into your sound card like normal speakers. I suggest, if possible, using a soundcard with at least four-channel stereo sound, and using the Benwin flat panel speakers for the front two channels, and some conventional speakers for the rear two. But more on that later...

  • Two flat panel speakers
  • NXT technology
  • Includes (small) subwoofer
  • SRS-Based 3D sound enhancement
  • Bass and Treble volume controls
  • Exquisite styling
  • Flat Panels include freestanding and monitor (or surface) mounting
  • Hardware is definitely a conversation piece!

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only complaint to be made about the Benwin BW2000 Speaker System would definitely have to be concerning the lower ranges. There are two ways that I can see this could have been fixed:

  • either a heftier and beefier subwoofer could have been included with the system, thus providing better coverage of the tonal spectrum, or
  • the package could have been marketed as an ?add-on? system to better reproduce the higher range of sound.
Either way, as it stands, the BW2000 does need some help in the lower ranges. If you have existing multimedia speakers that are (hopefully) good in the lower ranges, yet leave something to be desired in the mid and upper frequencies, and you are looking to go to a four- (or more) channel surround sound system, the BW2000 Flat Panel Speaker System with Subwoofer will make an excellent addition to your system.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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