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6-Pak Care Case
Score: 85%
Developer: Nyko


Back in the old days of the GameBoy, games used to come with a nice hard plastic case to protect them from harm. Fast-forward a few years and for one reason or another (c'mon can anyone ever REALLY explain what Nintendo does sometimes?) the cases are gone and we are now given a little plastic bag. While it does protect, a baggie really isn't the most durable or effective storage medium.

Lucky for us, Nyko has seen this problem and answered it with the 6-Pak Care Case. As the name says, this handy little case is for protecting your games from dust, scratches and almost anything else that could damage them.


So how do they stand up? While they aren't as good as the old cases, the Nyko cases are a very good investment. They are made from a hard, durable plastic that protects the cartridge from the normal wear and tear a game could go through during its life on the road. The cases slide on to the bottoms of the carts very snuggly, but require a little pressure to snap-in and pull out. As an added bonus for the anal gamer, each case is a different color so you can color code your games.

  • Convenient snap-in design
  • Easy travel
  • Protects cartridges from dirt and damage
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Works for GameBoy and GBA games

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only real problems I had with the Nyko cases were that the box was a little hard to open (I hate the plastic boxes everything seems to come in now) and that a little pressure is needed to snap the cartridges in the case. I also had a few minor problems with space when packing the games in a GBA storage bag. The cases obviously add a little more to the game and they become a little less travel size, but it's either have undamaged games or be able to carry around one more game in your GBA case - your call.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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