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Neo Geo Pocket Color
Score: 85%
Developer: SNK Neogeo
Device Type: System


Look out all you Game Boy owners, there is a new sheriff in town. From SNK comes the Neo Geo Pocket Color, a powerful 16-bit hand-held gaming system that looks awesome and has a strong chance of giving the Game Boy Color a good run for it?s money.


This neat little gadget packs 16-bit graphics in the palm of your hand with up to 152 colors on display at a time. Not to mention the 360 degree stick, not pad; read my cyberspace lips, folks -- joystick. What this means is that you can link arcade style combos with those half circle motions which are nonexistent on any Game Boy. The NGPC has a headphones jack as well as wireless and cable linking for head to head competition. Did I fail to mention that this little baby can link with the Sega Dreamcast? Well guess what??? IT CAN!!! As for the specific use of this link, well, we will just see on 9/9/99, now won?t we?

  • 16-bit graphics with up to 152 colors on display at once
  • Ability to link with Sega Dreamcast
  • Suggested Retail Price:
      $69.99 (sweet)
  • Average Game Price:
      $34.99 (kinda sweet)

Drawbacks & Problems::

As with all systems, this will be the teller of tales. So far, some great titles have been released such as Samurai Showdown 2, King of Fighters, Baseball Stars, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, and a neat little golf game. But will this list continue to grow to deliver a knockout blow, or will it nearly gnaw at the ears of the Game Boy powerhouse? Only time will tell.

-Sabumnim, GameVortex Communications
AKA Larry Callier

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