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Pro Light Magnifier
Score: 60%
Developer: Blaze
Device Type: Accessory


Snap this sucker onto your Neo Geo Pocket Color and there you have it: instant 40% screen magnification and two miniature lights to illuminate your screen, ideal for playing at night and increasing visibility quite a bit. Why buy a Worm Light when you can get even more with the Pro Light Magnifier?

The device fits snugly at the top of the NGPC (allowing room for other accessories like the popular Nyko Shock ?n? Rock) and folds out for easy access/storage while attached to the Neo Geo. However, while this is all pretty clever design, the folding positions should lock a little tighter so the lens doesn?t shake so much in-game.


Just take it out of the box, pop in two AAA batteries for the lights, and connect it to your system. Easy.

Sadly, the Pro Light Magnifier isn?t very sturdy at all -- in fact, the light on the right side was already broken when I received my unit. Much of the product seems to be constructed of rather flimsy plastic, and none of the folding positions hold very well. Expect lots of wiggling while using this thing.

  • Magnifies screen area by 40%
  • Twin screen lights for improved visibility
  • Works with other available accessories like the Nyko Shock ?n? Rock

Drawbacks & Problems::

As previously mentioned, the magnifying lens isn?t held still very well, and the lights apparently aren?t nearly as durable as desired. Also, batteries aren?t included with the package, so if you want to be able to see what you?re playing, you?ll have to purchase some of those. In the end, the Pro Light Magnifier has plenty of potential, but lacks proper design.

-Ben Monkey, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ben Lewis

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