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Score: 88%
Developer: Interact
Device Type: Accessory
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InterAct?s Backpak has a central padded compartment for system storage (which will hold a PSX or other game consoles), and various pockets which can hold PSX and N64 games and accessories, including two pockets on either side with Velcro closures -- great for storing cables, controllers, memory cards, etc.


The InterAct Backpak is lightweight, yet rugged. It is constructed of woven vinyl for higher tensile strength. All of the seams are double-stitched, increasing durability. The straps are adjustable nylon straps with high-impact plastic adjustment buckles. The Backpak?s main compartment has dual zippers. This feature prevents your games (or whatever) from falling out. The InterAct Backpak is very futuristic looking... perfect for showing off to your high school friends.

  • Padded compartment for a game console
  • Cool, futuristic design
  • Storage area for games, cords, controllers, etc.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Multi-purpose backpack

Drawbacks & Problems::

While the InterAct Backpak is durable and pleasing to the eye, it is not primarily a console carrying case. Imagine if a company that made backpacks for school children decided to make one that looked really cool and could hold a game console. That about sums up the InterAct Backpak. It?s an excellent backpack, but in its effort to be multi-system and multi-purpose, it is less padded than I would like to see, and is not as well fitted for the PlayStation as it could be if it had been designed specifically for the PSX. (I would LOVE to see a PSX-specific carrying case done in the same styling.) However, if you have several systems and want to transport different ones at different times, then this is a high quality backpack that may be perfect for you.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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