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System Selector
Score: 100%
Developer: Mad Catz
Device Type: Miscellaneous
Compatible With:


The idea behind the Mad Catz System Selector is simple. Allow gamers to quickly and easily access and manage their vast number of toys. In other words, you can plug in your favorite video game systems, your DVD player, your CD player, your VCR, the sound output from your PC, or any other similar sources you wish (up to four systems) as inputs. You can then hook up the single output to your TV, stereo system, subwoofer, Intensor Chair, etc. so that you can quickly select which input you wish to use.


This is not only easy to use, but since the time that I first hooked it up, I can honestly say that I?ve used it every time I play a game. All you have to do is push a button on the front of the unit to select the system you want to use.

Due to the ease of use and the convenience allowed by using the System Selector, it is one of those gadgets that can be used every time you play. It just sits there in the background, waiting for you to change your mind about what system you want to play. One use not mentioned by Mad Catz is ?mixing? your entertainment options with each other. For instance, if you want to play Test Drive: Off-Road 2 with the soundtrack from N2O by Crystal Method (which actually fits TDOR2 very well), you can plug your PSX in Input 1, and play the N2O soundtrack on a CD player plugged into Input 2. Then you simply depress both selection buttons 1 and 2 at the same time. Disable the music in the options screen of the game and use the CD player volume knob to adjust the music level. Voila! You just customized the soundtrack to your own preferences.

  • Never needs to be removed
  • Easy to use
  • Four inputs (Video and Stereo Audio)
  • Compact design
  • A/V cable included
  • Allows gamers to ?mix? sources

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only thing I?d like to see different would be more inputs. While four is great, and it saves time as well as wear and tear on systems, with so many different A/V sources it can work with, those four inputs fill up very quickly. Otherwise, the System Selector is a great accessory for any gamer.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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