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Power Bag
Score: 100%
Developer: Naki
Device Type: Accessory
Compatible With:


The Naki Power Bag is made of vinyl with a nylon strap. Two of the pockets (the central system storage area and the game storage area) have dual zippers. This is a nice touch, since you can zip them closed at the top of the bag to prevent your gear from falling out. The Power Bag is very contemporary looking, and appears to be a carry-on or camera bag... perfect for sneaking your PSX on that business trip without your boss noticing. This case is top quality right down to the embroidered logo on the front.


The Power Bag is a well-planned carrying case. It has pockets for PSX games and N64 games, a central compartment for system storage (which snugly holds your PSX safely in place), and a pocket on one side with a Velcro closure -- great for storing cables, controllers, memory cards, etc.

The Power Bag is strong; it?s constructed of padded vinyl for extra protection and easy clean-up. The seams between the vinyl parts of the bag are double stitched for higher durability. The strap is an adjustable nylon strap with high-impact plastic adjustment buckles and a soft plastic shoulder grip. The Naki Power Bag is nothing but reliable construction throughout.

  • Snug fit for your PSX
  • Padded vinyl construction
  • Contemporary, understated design
  • Storage area for games, cords, controllers, etc.
  • Plastic grip (on strap)
  • Adjustable (2?1? - 3?4?) nylon strap

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only downfall of this bag is the name (and the box design). But don?t worry; the bag doesn?t have ?Power Bag? written anywhere on it. It looks like what money they saved in Box Design, they spent on product design. I wish all gaming companies would adopt this novel approach.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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