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Universal Steering Wheel
Score: 75%
Developer: Naki
Device Type: Controller
Compatible With:


Since the Naki Universal Steering Wheel is advertised as compatible for use with multiple systems, I will list the pros and cons for each system. Before I begin the review, I will state that despite the packaging, I could not get the Universal Steering Wheel to work with my Sega Saturn game system.

I tested the Universal Steering Wheel using the:

  • Sony PlayStation with Gran Turismo
  • Nintendo 64 with Rush 2: Extreme Racing
  • Sega Saturn with Daytona USA


Sony PlayStation:
The Universal Steering Wheel was good, although I had to over-steer way too much in my opinion, no matter which of the three trim settings I used. While over-steering was a little too much for my liking, the PlayStation was the only console tested where the gas and brake pedals worked. Plus, the PlayStation was the only console that the ?rumble? feature worked with. (Although it was more like a ?buzz? feature; it?s so pathetic it?s almost not worth mentioning.) In the end, it took me quite some time to get used to the steering in the PlayStation mode, and I still was uncomfortable with it.

Nintendo 64:
This was the best steering control I experienced out of the three. The steering control was excellent from the get-go, with no time needed to ?warm up? to the steering wheel. However, the foot pedals (gas and brake) did not work. I had to control the gas and brake with buttons on the steering wheel itself.

Sega Saturn:
Not operable. I couldn?t get the Universal Steering Wheel to work with my Sega Saturn. Therefore, it would be hard for me to recommend it to other Saturn owners.

  • Package description: ?Universal Steering Wheel for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Sega Saturn?
  • Dual Shock options included
  • Memory Card slot for N64

Drawbacks & Problems::

What we have here is a mixed bag. First of all, I cannot recommend the Universal Steering Wheel to Saturn owners since I couldn?t get it to work with my Saturn system. The Nintendo 64 system used the steering wheel portion of the product the best, although it didn?t support the foot pedals. There is also a slot for Nintendo 64 Memory Paks (but not for Sony PlayStation Memory Cards, since they plug into the PlayStation itself). Due to the fact that the Nintendo 64 can?t access the foot pedals, I wouldn?t recommend it to Nintendo 64 owners, despite it controlling the best on the Nintendo system and having the Memory Pak save slot.

As for the Sony PlayStation, the steering is a little loose for my taste, no matter which setting I put the wheel on. The foot pedals work in the PlayStation version, and the PlayStation mode features Dual Shock compatibility, although it was implemented so poorly I laughed. Out of these three systems, I would say that it is most recommended for use with the Sony PlayStation.

-Glom, GameVortex Communications
AKA Pete Maher

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