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Data Deck
Score: 94%
Developer: Mad Catz
Device Type: Memory/Storage
Compatible With:


This Mad Catz Data Deck, along with the bundled software, allows you to copy the data off of your memory cards and save it on your computer. Using this, you never need to buy another memory card because you can simply copy your data on and off of one at your leisure. These features make your life easier, so you never have to delete those RPG saves that took you 200 hours to make just for your little brother?s Jet Moto score saves. And if you don?t feel like getting that far in the game yourself, feel free to download some saves off the Internet that do it for you.


Plug this puppy into an open serial port in your computer, install the software, and it?s ready to rip. Once you realize that the top card slot goes right side up and the bottom one goes upside down, it?s very easy to use. The software is quite simple as well, although it?s missing some features that would have been very useful.

The Data Deck is damn handy. I didn?t have any detection problems or usage problems. And the best part is that since it uses the same file format as the Dex Drive, you can download any of the countless Dex Drive saves off of the Internet and copy those onto your memory card. There are saves for pretty much every game ever made available, and this is a terribly handy little feature.

  • Lets you use two cards at the same time to copy data (even Multi-page)
  • Plugs into serial port in computer
  • Comes with CD-ROM software
  • Includes AC/DC adapter
  • Dex Drive compatible
  • Scads of saves on the Internet

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only problem with the Data Deck is that you can?t just copy off one or two saves from a card. You?ve got to copy the whole thing. This gets rather annoying at times, because copying an entire memory card takes a bit, but it?s forgivable. It?d just be a nifty feature to have, and it makes you waste less time working on your memory cards, so I feel that it?s important to note. Otherwise, the device is a cinch to use.

-Sunfall to-Ennien, GameVortex Communications
AKA Phil Bordelon

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