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Ignition Pad
Score: 98%
Developer: RedOctane
Device Type: Controller
Compatible With:


A Dancepad. Not some piece of colored plastic wrap with a cord coming from it, but an honest-to-goodness piece of hardware that is made to arcade dimensions and feels as though it has substance. Used to replace your current lame dancepad and allow your practice at home to translate directly to something useful in the arcade.


Performance, indeed. The Ignition Pad is a dancepad with substance. Instead of the flimsy plastic used on some dancepads, the plastic used in the construction of the Ignition Pad is thicker and more durable. In addition, the pad is made as a hollow pocket and includes a foam mat that is to be inserted into this pocket. Once fully assembled, this inner padding layer not only offers a nice balance between firm response and comfort, but also gives the Ignition Pad some additional weight, making it a lot sturdier than other dancepads.

The quality of the Ignition Pad makes it much more enjoyable to actually play these type games at home. My wife and I have not been into the dance genre very much up until this point, but since I got the Ignition Pad, we've been using it with Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove on a regular basis. My mom even tried it out a bit. It's just that good.

The fact that it is multiplatform only makes it that much better; you can use the Ignition Pad with PlayStation, PS2, Xbox and even your computer (USB). This is excellent, since you aren't likely to have room for multiple dancepads to use with your various systems. Just pick up a couple Ignition Pads and you're good to go!

  • Compatible with PlayStation, PS2, Xbox and PC (USB)
  • Buttons Labeled for All Compatible Systems
  • Large Raised Reinforced Plastic Buttons
  • Dense Foam Insert for Comfort and Better Tactile Response
  • Arcade Feel and Size
  • Anti-Slip Bottom Helps to Prevent Pad from Sliding

Drawbacks & Problems::

I have big feet, and yes, it's true what they say. With such large feet, however, I find that I will be stepping on the "down" square with my heel when I'm trying to stand at the center resting square. This issue can be lessened a lot if you don't play from the center but instead tend to stay on the directionals. Again, this is primarily an issue if your feet are large...

...or if the dancepad moves around a bit. This can be a problem with dancepads in general and is affected to some degree by the type of floor you're playing on. In general, the Ignition Pad is much better at staying put than lighter dancepads, but depending on the gamer's dance style and even the song played, this can still be an issue. The pad is more likely to move during more active songs, such as songs with higher difficulty levels.

If you're looking for a high-quality dancepad and anything metal is out of your price range, then the Ignition Pad is most likely your best choice out there.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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