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Smart Glove Wrist Support
Score: 93%
Developer: IMAK
Device Type: Accessory
Compatible With:


The Smart Glove Wrist Support is a black sleeve with a removable and flexible splint positioned on the back of the hand and forearm to keep your wrist at a particular angle. The sleeve stretches from your knuckles to about mid-way down your forearm and has a pad under the heel of your hand that is filled with beads to give your hand support while it is resting in front of a keyboard and mouse.

The Smart Glove is designed to be used with either hand simply by turning the sleeve inside out and switching arms. Since the splint has a slight angle to it, it is also recommended that you remove it and flip it around so that the same angle is applied to the other wrist.


I was able to not just review the Smart Glove Wrist Support but also the slightly more expensive version, the Smart Glove with Wrist and Thumb Support. For the testing, I had one on each arm and used them pretty much constantly for a two week period while I was at work. Actually, I am still using them ... in fact, they are on my arms right now.

I realized a couple of interesting things while I was testing out these Smart Gloves. Not only was I starting to have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (as was evident by the immediate relief I experienced when putting on the gloves), but I was also able to see just how much the other model's thumb support really helped.

The tightness of the cotton sleeve helped to hold my wrist and thumb firmly against the three splints and force my hand to stay at the correct angle, while the beaded pad acted as a way to keep my hands elevated to the same level that my keyboard or mouse was without having to bend my wrists.

For the most part, I found that while my thumb had more range of movement in the model without the thumb support, the hand that primarily used the more expensive version seemed to feel just a tad bit better than the other hand by the end of the day.

I did find that, while I could wear the Smart Gloves for a period of time without worrying about them, there were still plenty of times that I just needed to take them off and let my arms breath a little. So this isn't really a product you can leave on for all eight hours of your work day and just forget about them.

  • Helps Prevent & Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Ensures Ergonomically Correct Wrist Position
  • Allows Full Use of Hand
  • Latex Free
  • Removable Splint Provides Flexible Support
  • Bead-filled Wrist Pad Raises Wrist to Ergonomically Desired Position
  • Washable Cotton Lycra for Comfort and Easy Care
  • Reversible for Use with Both Left and Right Hands

Drawbacks & Problems::

Smart Glove Wrist Support doesn't seem to have any drawbacks, but it takes a little getting used to and if you only have one glove on, then your other hand starts to feel a little left out. In other words, I found that I was trying to hold my other hand in the same position as the one using the glove, and after a while my wrist started getting a little tired.

By itself, the Smart Glove has everything you would want, but when compared to the version with thumb splints, it's obvious that it doesn't quite match up. Unless you are on a real tight budget or you just can't find the other version of this product, spend the extra five dollars and spring for the Smart Glove with Wrist and Thumb Support.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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