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Mobile Wrist RX
Score: 98%
Developer: IMAK
Device Type: Miscellaneous
Compatible With:


As PC games have made the move to incorporate more interaction between players from around the corner and around the world, games have moved from a diversion from social interaction to a new channel of social interaction. Add to this the fact that MMORPGs have become visually stunning and have content that is more engaging than games of years gone by, and it all adds up to a lot of time spent at a keyboard and/or mouse. As we know from the business world, the repetitive stress of using keyboards and mice (especially if not paying attention to ergonomics) can lead to disabling injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But from a video game?

Sure - if you spend as much time typing and using a mouse playing these larger-scale games as some people do at work, it's not a question of whether you'll get hurt, but how long before you notice the effects.


The protection offered by the Mobile WristRX is provided by the special padding that cushions the bottom (or heel) of your palm. This is the part of the hand that the weight of your arm rests upon when typing. Without cushioning, this weight causes damage over time. Sure, you could make a practice of keyboarding without letting your palms rest on the desk, but that merely shifts more strain to your elbows or your arm muscles.

The cushioning in the Mobile WristRX feels almost like a gel mat when they are in use, but with less give and less resilience. Instead of sinking into the cushion deeply and then it expanding again when you lift your hands, the cushioning in the Mobile WristRX tends to conform to your hands, protecting them from being impacted on the hard surfaces of your desk.

Another advantage that the Mobile WristRX has over a gel wrist pad is that since it is connected to your hand, it is wherever you need it, whenever you need it. It's right where you need it when you're using your keyboard and it's right where you need it when you're using your mouse. You don't have to compromise and settle for a mouse pad with a gel wrist pad attached. You can use a huge mousing surface designed for extreme gamers, and still have protection for your wrists.

I find the Mobile WristRX to be comfortable, even on my hands (larger than average). It seems that one size does, indeed, fit most - and since it's reversible, you can use it on either hand. I am not only a gamer, but a computer programmer as well; I find that two of these take a great deal of strain out of typing and mousing for long hours, and would readily recommend them to gamers who spend a lot of time at work, play or just hanging out in MySpace or IM'ing their friends.

  • Works with Any Desktop PC or Laptop
  • Works with Any Keyboard, Mouse or Trackball
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Reversible - Works on Either Hand
  • Helps Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Cushions and Protects Wrist From Hard Surfaces and Laptop Heat
  • Keeps Wrist in Optimal Ergonomic Position
  • Features ErgoBeads Cushioning Material
  • Easy Care: Hand Wash in Cold Water, Air Dry
  • Latex Free

Drawbacks & Problems::

The design of the Mobile WristRX is nice and clean; it is nondescript and subdued enough to be used at work, while bearing a resemblance to street fighters gloves; the gloves look like something straight out of Tekken or Street Fighter. However, the padding in the wrist area can look something like there's some growth on your palm - and I had one person comment something to that fact in jest. Whatever. They're not something you wear for style, so it's an added bonus that, at least from above, they look pretty cool.

While it's true that the Mobile WristRX can insulate you from a hot surface (pretty well, at that), it features an extra strong elastic inset which allows it to fit most hand sizes, causes it to fit snugly and, with extended wear, can keep your hands a bit warm. If your office or game room is cold, this could be very nice indeed. Otherwise, your hands may get a little warm and sweat a bit. Not a huge gripe, by any means, but something that should be noted - especially if you're the type who's prone to sweaty hands.

All in all, however, the Mobile WristRX is an excellent product. Don't buy one... buy two! And be on the lookout for a name change in the very near future. It will soon be called the Computer Glove.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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