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Maxtor OneTouch III
Score: 95%
Developer: Seagate
Device Type: Memory/Storage
Compatible With:


Trade in all of your puny little USB keys. This huge 160GB drive is perfect for backing up all of your systems - all in the palm of your hand. I have all four of my computer's ghost images backed up on the device.


If you carry around large files or if you like to have the Swiss Army Knife of drivers and programs at your beck and call, then this is a perfectly sized device for you, both physically and with storage capacity. Its 9.0 ms seek time makes it an excellent media storage device for all of your music or video needs.

It not only works for system backup; I use it as a DVR for Machinima pieces I record and Podcasts I don't have time to watch or listen to. I am on about three different computers in a day's time, and with this drive, I am able to download whatever I need and then pull it out later and get to work. There are tons of open source resources I keep at hand to rescue computers or help out friends, and the drive gives me the ability to keep all of it together.

The small size fits easily into a pocket or backpack. Always at the ready, I am finding new uses for this thing every day. Less than an inch thick, and approximately 4" x 6", this is a very small, go-anywhere machine.

I wasn't even able to max it out with music; I guess I just don't have that much music in my collection, but it comes to approximately 2,665 hours of music or 160 hours of video. I have a complete system restore boot up and maintenance suite for fixing computers, and all of your standard open source suites for word processing, image and video editing. This is all that I need and then some.

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Shock Resistant
  • Powered by the USB Connection
  • 160GB Capacity
  • 5400 RPM, 8 MB Buffer
  • Built-in System Rollback Features
  • One Touch System Sync
  • Password Protection and File Encryption
  • Mac and PC Compatible

Drawbacks & Problems::

It could always be bigger I guess, and maybe faster, but what can't? Really, though, I am extremely hard pressed to max it out all of the way, without just having nothing but absolute junk on the drive.

-WUMPUSJAGGER, GameVortex Communications
AKA Bryon Lloyd

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