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XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus
Score: 84%
Device Type: Controller
Compatible With:


Given that the Xbox 360 is a good deal newer to the market than the Playstation 2, you can guess that we all have our favorite PS2 devices that we might want to use on the Xbox 360, like dance pads. Not to mention for all of you first person shooters out there, the XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus also converts a USB or PS/2 keyboard and mouse for use as a game controller. You can imagine how much easier it is to use your familiar keyboard and mouse than it is to use the controller. But it also works great on other type games, like Dance Dance Revolution.

When converting a PS2 controller, you'll have to settle for the default mapping for the keys since there's no way to change them. But it is the most logical configuration. The buttons are all mapped to the buttons that are in the same place on the controllers. When you convert the keyboard and mouse though, you can map any key on the keyboard to any of the button functions on the controller. This makes it really easy to play the games however you want to play them.

The Sniper Plus is quite easy to set up. You simply plug an Xbox 360 wired controller into the Sniper Plus USB port, plug the PS2 controller into the slot on the Sniper Plus, and then plug the Sniper Plus into your 360. If you're using a keyboard and mouse, simply plug those into the ports that they fit in on the Sniper Plus, plug the Xbox 360 wired controller into the Sniper Plus, and then plus the Sniper Plus into the 360. There is a list of instructions on how to program the keys that you want in the box. It is quite simple to program.


For quite a number of years now, I have been playing Dance Dance Revolution on the Playstation 2. After going through at least two new pads a year at about $50 each, I finally broke down three years ago and bought a really good Cobalt Flux pad (note that I do have the version 1 pads, so I cannot make any judgment on the workings of the newer models) that would last for years. Well, now that I have bought an Xbox 360 as my next gen console of choice, I decided that it would be really nice to be able to play the Xbox 360 versions of Dance Dance Revolution. Unfortunately, that meant that I would have to go back to using the soft pads since they just don't make the hard ones for the Xbox 360 yet unless I could find a way to convert my Cobalt Flux pads to work on the Xbox 360.

After searching long and hard, I decided that the XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper Plus would be my best bet. Unfortunately, every review I found was from the point of view of someone using it for first person shooter games. I mean, that is what it the device was originally meant for, but since it does convert PS2 controllers, I was really hoping that it would work for my favorite dance pads.

I have dance pads from five different manufacturers left over from before I bought the Cobalt Flux pads, so I figured why not try them all to see what worked and what didn't. The Konami, Red Octane, and BNS pads all worked beautifully. A very important part of a dance pad is the timing. In each of these cases not only did they work, but the timing was also exact. I didn't have any problems playing with them.

  • Compatible with All Xbox 360 Games
  • Compatible with All Versions of Xbox 360 Consoles
  • Compatible with New Version of Xbox 360 Wired Controller
  • Can Map the Controller Bbutton Keys to Any Key of the Keyboard. Both Controller Analog Stick Keys Can Also be Mapped to the Keyboard
  • Compatible with 95% of Different Kinds of Mouse and Keyboard
  • High Sensitivity, Precision and Smoothness
  • Built-in Turbo (Auto Fire) Functionality. Independent Auto Fire Buttons: Eight Customizable Auto-Fire Buttons
  • Can Adjust the Mouse Sensitivity from 2 Extra Wheels with 16 Levels of Adjustment for X and Y Sensitivity to Adapt Perfectly to Every Mouse
  • Connect PS2 Compatible Controllers to Your Xbox 360
  • Compatible with PS2 Joypads, Light Guns, Racing Wheels, Dancing Mats, and More

Drawbacks & Problems::

I'm sure you'll notice that I did not mention my favorite Cobalt Flux pads in the previous section. Well, that's because to my dismay, they did not work. Neither did the Datel pad. They both lit up properly and looked like they should work, but I could not get any of the buttons to function on either of them. I guess I will have to continue my search to find a way to convert my Cobalt Flux pads to work on the 360.

The one other major drawback is the price. At over $100 after shipping, it is an expensive piece of hardware compared to the price of a controller. You also have to have a wired controller to connect to it, so if you don't already own one (which I did not), that is another cost that you add in. Had I not gotten it to review, I would have been quite upset over wasting my money since it didn't work on the one piece of hardware that I really wanted it to work on.

Yes it does work quite well for almost everything else I tried, though. It is supposedly "compatible with 95% of mouse and keyboard." So if you want it for something that it has already been verified to work on, I would recommend getting it. For first person shooters, it is wonderful. Just don't expect it to work on Cobalt Flux or Datel pads.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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