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Metal Pedal
Score: 100%
Developer: Nyko
Device Type: Accessory
Compatible With:


The music game genre has grown to ridiculous proportions now. Living rooms are packed with plastic instruments and some close friends playing along to their favorite songs. It doesn't happen too often that I would recommend a peripheral for a peripheral, but the Metal Pedal is simple, effective and great.

What you are getting with the Metal Pedal is essentially a second kick pedal for your double bass needs. There isn't much more than that. It looks and feels just like the pedals for Rock Band and Guitar Hero and it works the same, so there isn't really much more to say.


How hard would it be to screw up how a drum pedal works? There is a switch at the base of the pedal and a spring resistance to add some weight. As you push down on the pedal, the switch activates and registers as an input. It is an incredibly simple idea and pulled off just as well. I read some reports online of people complaining that it doesn't work. There is a little yellow piece (as well as plenty of instructions) that tell you to remove the plastic piece before playing in order for the pedal to function properly.

One of the different features the Metal Pedal has is that it's universal. There is a switch on the cable to select between Guitar Hero and Rock Band (sorry Rock Revolution players) and the cable is neatly coiled and stays out of the way.

I tried the pedal for both games and I put it through a stress test on Guitar Hero: Metallica on Expert +. Although I nearly had a heart attack playing some of those songs, the Metal Pedal worked fine, if not better than the standard one. The actual pedal is a bit wider than the regular one, so the frantic stomping will be sure to connect.

Some of the nice fringe benefits are the cool package art and style. The foot pedal has a skeleton lying on the face and studs adorn the bottom. The "metal" isn't just about what songs you should play, it's style and attitude are "metal" too. The other is that it comes with a splitter jack for double bass players. It is a small jack that stays discrete and functional.

  • Rock Band/ Guitar Hero Compatibilty Switch
  • Double Bass Splitter Jack

Drawbacks & Problems::

I can't really think of anything that could be a serious problem, other than the price. It is a drum pedal. Does it work? Yes. Is it comfortable? Yes. Not much more anyone really needs to know. It retails for 20 bucks, which might be a little too high for some people. But honestly, if you get this, you really should get it as a replacement instead of an extra. I guess it's simplicity is what makes it a no-brainer. It is a great looking kick pedal that feels better than the standard pedal at an affordable price. If you need or want a second pedal, the Metal Pedal is great, so go buy it.

-HanChi, GameVortex Communications
AKA Matt Hanchey

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