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ElectroFlow Charger
Score: 95%
Developer: Penguin United
Device Type: Accessory


The ElectroFlow Charger from Penguin United is the latest high-tech charger for the Nintendo Wii. Utilizing the latest in inductive technology, the ElectroFlow Charger charges your Wii-motes without any metal contact points. Inductive magnets charge the batteries with any sort of case, like the silicon jacket, and a simple design holds two remotes with any attachment including a Wii MotionPlus or Nunchuck.


After installing each rechargeable battery, the ElectroFlow Charger delivers around 8 - 12 hours of battery life. It also doesn't take long for the ElectroFlow Charger to build a full charge. The structure of the base ensures that each remote stays in place while not in use and acts as a good place holder for the remotes that fits in well with the aesthetic of the Wii system. A blue LED at the top of the charge base shows when the remotes have a full charge. A flashing blue light means it is charging, but a solid blue light means it is done.

  • Long Lasting NiCad Batteries
  • Secure Lock-in Design
  • Charge Light to Indicate Charging Status
  • Blue LED to Illuminate Wii-motes
  • Magnetic Coil Charges Wii-mote with Silicon Jacket
  • Charges Two Wii-motes at the Same Time

Drawbacks & Problems::

The ElectroFlow Charger is a solid piece of equipment for all Wii owners. Unfortunately, it does have a few problems, but the issues are moderate compared to the overall performance. The biggest problem is the lack of a snap-in charge base. There isn't any way to be sure that the remotes are actually charging if they aren't placed precisely in the right spot on the charge base. It takes a few tries to place it just right for the charge light to turn on, but once it's in, it stays.

Another problem is the quality of the material. Although the ElectroFlow Charger is using some state of the art tech, the whole product just feels cheap. The charger itself is as light as air, but the flimsy plastic doesn't give it any heft that feels like the unit would stay on a table.

With all that said, any Wii owner looking for an easy to use charger should invest in an ElectroFlow Charger. Being able to place the remote down instantly makes this the must-buy accessory for any new Wii owner and any longtime owners should give it a look as well simply for the convenience factor.

-HanChi, GameVortex Communications
AKA Matt Hanchey

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