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FPS Freek
Score: 95%
Developer: KontrolFreek
Device Type: Controller
Compatible With:


These small, unassuming plastic nubs will attach to the two analog sticks on your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller (but I tested it with the 360 controller only) to give you more control and faster response times. Billed and branded as best suited to the FPS genre, we expect you'll see improvement in performance across almost all game genres while using the FPS Freek sticks. They are detachable and are intended to feel comparable to the stock sticks jutting out of your controller.


That guy Archimedes had it right when he said he could move the world if only he had a lever long enough. Anyone that has used a pry bar knows the power of a lever, one of the six Simple Machines that explain just about everything mechanical in this world. The creators of FPS Freek tapped into ancient mojo to craft something that, while it won't help you move the world, has the potential to vastly improve your gaming experience. The concept of a lever is simple enough, and the rules say you can decrease the force required to move an object by extending the length of the object used to apply that force. Rule of thumb: Twice the length means half the force. So, an object that required 40lbs of pressure to move with a 2' pry bar would only require 20lbs of pressure to move with a 4' pry bar. If you're wondering how this applies to FPS Freek, remember that the analog sticks on your Xbox 360 controller are attached to a sensor that registers movement. Faster movement equals a quicker response in your game, with whatever character, object, or vehicle in your control. Fast hands win the day, but what if you could exert the same effort with greater effect? Now you're getting the picture...

The unassuming part of the FPS Freek sticks is that they show up on your doorstep looking like a matched set of shitake mushrooms. The only thing you'll need to get started is to snap these on to your controller and start playing. No special settings are required in your games, and no modding or adjustment of your controller is required. The payoff you'll see immediately in any game genre, but the response-time improvements are most apparent in FPS games where you want to spin on a dime and move targeting systems quickly and efficiently into place. Platformer, Racing, and Fighting games all will benefit from the additional speed gained by using the FPS Freek add-ons, but we agree that FPS is probably the most hand-in-glove partner for these babies.

  • Increases your Accuracy in FPS Games
  • Designed and Tested by Professional Gamers
  • Added Length Provides 40% More Linear Distance from Stop to Stop
  • Gives More Leverage Without Disturbing Natural Gaming Feel
  • Easy Install and a Minimal Learning Curve

Drawbacks & Problems::

The install is simple enough, but a little unnerving because of how hard you have to press down to pop these on. The logic is that they'll sit tight and not move around, which we can appreciate, but of course we all just see dollar signs flashing before our eyes when we get physical with our game consoles... Once installed, the FPS Freek extenders are rather... extendy? You'll suddenly notice a change in your controller's profile, much like the difference between Kate Moss and Dolly Parton. If form does follow function, and you're a functional kind of gamer, these new protuberances may phase you not at all. Those concerned about cosmetic appeal may break out into a sweat until they feel the difference in performance. The Elite models have a decent color match with FPS Freek and its black/grayish-white combination, but white and red controllers make the FPS Freek stand out like a sore thumb. Luckily, you won't have a sore thumb, thanks to this product.

Cosmetic appeal aside, there's no reason not to love FPS Freek. It's the kind of invention that satisfies a need we never knew we had until we found it. Kind of like Kate Beckinsale. The added playability for your FPS titles is a great return on the minimal $10 investment you'll make to acquire FPS Freek, plus you'll discover a host of other games where the added control and speed comes in handy. Highly recommended to all but the most casual gamers out there.

-Fridtjof, GameVortex Communications
AKA Matt Paddock

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