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TOSlink Optical Cable - 6 Feet
Score: 85%
Developer: Astro Gaming
Device Type: Audio
Compatible With:


Sound can play an important part in modern videogames and movies. When done right, good surround sound can make all the difference between a "large TV" experience and a "home theater" one. One of the best audio output formats available... but you'll need an optical cable, such as Astro Gaming's TOSlink Optical Cable, available in 6, 12 and 25 feet lengths.


It's a cord, right? Well... sorta. Welcome, my friends, to the world of fiber optics. (Some of you have been there for a while - feel free to welcome me, instead, as I think I'll stay for a bit.)

Instead of wire, this cable consists of threads of glass fibers which conduct light (quite nicely) along the length at, well, the speed of light. Light moves much faster than electricity, and when audio signals are digitally encoded and sent as light, the data rate is much higher, allowing for much richer data to be quickly moved about in the same time. The result is much more accurate reproduction of sound. I tried the TOSlink Optical Cable in conjunction with the MixAmp and A30 headphones (also from Astro Gaming), and the surround sound coming out of my PS3 was, simply put, amazing. I had to check to make sure that I hadn't somehow accidentally turned up my 5.1 surround sound home theater speaker system - when I was listening to headphones.

If you have the option to use optical cable, I would highly suggest it - the difference in sound quality is astounding.

As for the TOSlink Optical Cable itself, it seemed sturdily made. The optical fibers conduct light well, even when I wrapped the cord into several tight loops. The outside of the cord has a protective sheath made of what appears to be woven nylon thread. Both ends have metal tips holding the optical fiber with a lensed end, centered in the appropriately shaped connector for optical audio. The grips of the connectors have a hourglass shape and a couple of spots of texture to help you get a firm grip when plugging them in and removing them. Finally, where the grip ends and the cord begins, you'll find some strain-relief designed into the grips.

The TOSlink Optical Cables seem well-designed, performant and provide amazing audio. What's not to like?

  • Available in 6, 12 and 25 Foot Lengths
  • Braided Nylon Sheathing
  • Hourglass-Shaped Connectors for Better Grip

Drawbacks & Problems::

Well, there's the price. At about $20 USD for the 6 foot length, the TOSlink Optical Cable is a bit pricey. You can find other companies offering optical cable for as little as a couple of dollars. I can't speak for those companies or those cables, as I haven't tried them, but they're out there. You may want to look around, perhaps checking with retailers and manufacturers you know and trust to see if there's a different cable that's better for you, but I was pleased with my experience with the TOSlink Optical Cable from Astro Gaming and in its quality. In fact, the main thing between the TOSlink Optical Cable and a perfect rating would be more competitive pricing.

Whether or not to purchase them from Astro Gaming would be a decision best left to your personal balance of need, local availability, and previous experiences with companies that make and sell optical cable.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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