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A30 Speaker Tags: Astro
Score: 90%
Developer: Astro Gaming
Device Type: Audio
Compatible With:


Identity - that which sets us apart and brings us together; every individual at some time feels the need to profess and exert an identity for which he or she feels some ultimate importance, whether it be that of a persona unique and special among all others or of a member of a group whose importance is greater than the sum of its members, reinforcing a like-minded quasi-entity's superiority over that of self.

The A30 Speaker Tags give you wings to elevate yourself, a voice with which to declare your individuality or swear your allegiance, a canvas with which to express yourself.

Or maybe they just let you make your A30 Headset look a little cooler...


The interesting thing about this piece of hardware is that it's not that interesting. That is, it's an accessory, at best, much like most of the replacement car hoods on the market; it looks different... Tada!!!

I will avoid beginning a rant on the pointless superficiality of many of the aftermarket parts on the cars that can be seen buzzing around the streets of a college town, running on some strange mixture of unleaded gasoline and testosterone. Well, starting now, anyway. But, in all seriousness, there are only a few things that the A30 Speaker Tags even need to do: Look pretty, stay put and not interfere with performance of the A30 Headset itself.

The "international-spy-undercover-as-a-nightclub-DJ" slickness of Astro Gaming's design shines (reflectively) through in these ID tags, and their production quality seems very clean and crisp. There is a slight rough spot on the backside of each, resultant of the plastic molding process, but these were nicely trimmed and are on the backside, at any rate, not visible when the tags are actually on the A30 headset. Short version? They look pretty. They look pretty nicely.

Magnets have come a long way. The simple task of holding these tags onto the ears of the A30 headset could probably have been accomplished by just two of these magnets, if tabs were used to keep the tags from rotating in place under pressure and allowing the magnets to move from their attachment points. The four built in magnets do an admirable job of holding them in place, while allowing them to be removed (for swapping with a new style, should your mood urge you) easily enough if intended.

Finally, the A30 Speaker Tag Set: Astro tags don't get in the way in any way shape or form, and they don't add noticeable weight to the headset, either, so great marks all around.

Speaking of great marks, the 60's mod, hipster-esque print of the Astro tag set contribute to the stylish look of the A30 nicely.

  • Durable High-Impact Plastic Construction
  • Dual Layer Printed (Gloss-Covered Artwork / Astro Logo)
  • 2 Tags Included (One for Each Ear)
  • Powerful Magnets Hold Tags in Place (4 Magnets on Each Tag)

Drawbacks & Problems::

I had no problems with the A30 Speaker Tags: Astro; they held very tight on the headphones unless I was attempting to take them off - and they look slick while doing it.

The Astro set is the set that comes with the A30 Headset normally, but you can also purchase special editions, occasionally, or have custom ones made. Click the link below to go to Astro Gaming's website and check out the possibilities.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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