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Score: 96%
Developer: KontrolFreek
Device Type: Accessory
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With the recent exposion awesome FPS games, a lot of gamers will be looking to claim their place on the leaderboards and find other ways to get an edge on their friends. KontrolFreek's thumb enhancements offer just such an edge for console gamers.


Like all of the KontrolFreeks I've tried so far, they fit snugly on the analog sticks of the OEM PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers (as well as many others), and increase the stick's height (which increases the accuracy as well as the overall stick throw distance) as well as allowing customization of the texture and shape of the top of the stick.

The SNIPR FPS Freeks feature a convex thumb surface, that domes outward, so that the stick sort of rolls under the ball of your thumb, in a way that should increase control and reduce friction wear on your thumb. The face of the SNIPR features a cross-hair design, but this design is embossed into the face, rather than being a raised texture.

  • Raised (Convex) Thumb Surface
  • Sniper Scope Grip Pattern
  • Dark Grey Top / Black Bottom
  • Increases your Accuracy in FPS Games
  • Gives More Leverage Without Disturbing Natural Gaming Feel
  • Easy Install

Drawbacks & Problems::

At around $14 USD, these seem pricey, at first... especially since you can find controllers starting at around that price (well, not the sturdiest of controllers, but they're out there). These aren't controllers on their own, but can enhance multiple controllers you already have - across different systems. In fact, if you only want to enhance one side, you can use a single pair of KontrolFreeks on two different controllers. You could use your SNIPRs on the left analog stick of your favorite PS3 controller and your favorite Xbox 360 controller, for example.

The only two possible problems I can think of with any of the FPS Freeks are issues with them fitting some controllers (although they fit a good many) and storing them safely, if you tend to take them off of the controller when not in use. Mind you, there's not necessarily a need to remove them from the controller when not playing, but if there are small children or animals who may attempt to eat them, for example, you'd want to put them up for safe keeping. Sadly, no storage case is provided and these things are about the size of a bottlecap, so fairly easy to loose.

If you're looking for some increased accuracy and a little added height to your analog sticks, the FPS Freek SNIPR provides it for you with a bit more style than the original FPS Freek.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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