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Skylanders: Swap Force - Tower of Time Adventure Pack
Score: 88%
Developer: Activision
Device Type: Accessory
Compatible With:

The Tower of Time:

Skylanders: Swap Force - Tower of Time Adventure Pack is the first adventure pack to be released since the original Spyro's Adventure game. Where the first Skylanders game had four of these packs, it looks like Swap Force will only have a pair.

The Tower of Time pack includes a new level that contains an interesting stop-time mechanic, as well as the air-type character, Pop Thorn. Like past Adventure Packs, Tower of Time also comes with two magic items, the Battle Hammer and the Sky Diamond.

The new level itself has you trying to stop a strange new villian from taking over a clock tower that seems to have control over time. You will have to take down this strange steam-punk chicken by going into his nests found throughout the level and collecting the cogs that will fix the Tower of Time. The level contains switches that allow you to temporarily stop time, which adds a nice sepia tone filter over the screen, and lets you waylay oppoenents without fear of retribution. Well, that is, until a new type of Spell Punk shows up that can undo the stopped-time effect. There are also quite a few interesting environment puzzles that come along with the ability to stop time. There are quite a few fast-moving platforms that you must get across, and the only way to do that is to stop time when they are positioned so you can get across. Similarly, there are doors and other obstacles that all require good timing, even with the paused time.

As for those new Spell Punk enemies, they become truly annoying when facing off another new enemy, a golem that is impervious to your attacks unless time is stopped. When you first encounter this new enemy, it isn't long before you figure out the trick to its defeat, but later encounters involve the annoying Spell Punks that don't let your paused-time last very long. Just like any other time a Spell Punk shows up, the best strategy is to take them out before trying to seriously damage the other enemies on the field that they augment.

Of course, the level all leads up to your encounter with the level's main enemy, Cluck. You will face this cuckoo in the tower's upper levels, but by the time you get to him, you will have a full understanding of the time-stopping mechanic and the best way to use it against your enemy.

Pop Thorn:

Pop Thorn
Critical Hit:6
Elemental Power:25

Skylanders: Swap Force - Tower of Time Adventure Pack's supplied character, Pop Thorn, is modeled after a porcupine puffer fish, but instead of the obvious water-type choice, the developers have given this character four legs and a lot of air-based attacks.

Pop Thorn starts off with just a Puff and Pop ability. The first causes him to expand and while puffed, he can launch needle missiles at his enemies. In the popped form, Pop Thorn is a bit faster and his attack is an air blast. His other attacks eventually include a ground-pound while puffed, as well as a spine-filled land mine while popped. The character's upgrade options include paths that either increases his thorn attack or his air-blast attack, while Pop Thorn's Soul Gem (found in the game's first level, Mount Cloudbreak), lets him either move faster while deflated, or have more armor while inflated. This final ability adds a bit more strategy to a character that already has an interesting mechanic built into it.

  • Tower of Time Level
  • Pop Thorn Character
  • Battle Hammer Magic Item
  • Sky Diamond Magic Item

Battle Hammer and Sky Diamond:

Skylanders: Swap Force - Tower of Time Adventure Pack's two magic items add both a passive and active ability to your characters. Where the Battle Hammer adds a new and powerful close-range attack, the Sky Diamond rewards you with more money each time you fell an enemy. Of course, these two magic items can't be used at the same time, but they each do a lot of good on their own.

When I first used the Battle Hammer, I thought it actually replaced an existing attack, that is, until I noticed that went off regardless of which attack button I used, and my character's long-range ability still happened. What this means is that you not only deal out the damage of your character's current abilities, but also an added dose of damage as well.

Overall, the Skylanders: Swap Force - Tower of Time Adventure Pack is a must have for anyone looking to compete their Swap Force collection. Short of some future release of Pop Thorn by himself, this is the only way to get this character, and of course, the added benefit of an entirely new level adds a lot of bang for your buck.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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