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Skylanders: Swap Force - Fire Kraken
Score: 88%
Developer: Activision
Device Type: Accessory


Fire Kraken
Critical Hit:8
Elemental Power:25


Fire Kraken is a swappable character so he has attacks for both the top and bottom. The primary attack is a bottom attack. When you press the button once and twice, he spins and sparks off fireworks that hit close enemies. Press it for a third time and he will shoot a projectile that will hit enemies at a distance, which gives him both close up and ranged abilities. The secondary attack is a top half attack that lets Fire Kraken swing his baton at close up enemies. The extra attack will be unlocked when you buy Dragon Parade. This will let Fire Kraken charge enemies dressed as a dragon. It is a very short parade until you upgrade it. When you buy Glow Stick, it will make your secondary attack more powerful. Rising Fountain will let you charge up your secondary attack. The Soul Gem attack for the top half is called Dance of Dragons. It basically makes your extra attack really powerful. There are two paths for the top half, but each only has 2 upgrades. The first path makes Rising Fountain more powerful and the second path makes Dragon Parade more powerful.

The bottom half upgrades can really be helpful. Show-Off makes it so that the third press shoots three projectiles instead of the one. Kraken Up is one of my favorite power-ups. It makes it so that every time you jump, you will throw down fireworks underneath you. These will harm any enemies near you. The Big One lets you hold down your primary attack button for a firework attack. The Soul Gem attack for the bottom half is The Bigger One. It is a giant upgrade of The Big One. There are two different paths for the bottom half as well. Both paths are upgrades to your primary attack, so itís really just a matter of what you want the attack to do. The first path has Unstable Element, which increases your speed based on The Big One, and Sizzling Sparkler, which increases the damage of the spinning primary attack. The second path has Bigbadboom, which adds a bounce attack when you press your primary attack button twice, and Strike the Foes, which makes the hold time for the primary attack button shorter on The Big One.

  • Series 1
  • Compatible With: Skylanders: Swap Force


The physical Fire Kraken toy looks a bit funny as it has almost no torso. The top half is mostly head, so when you swap it on to some of the other bodies, it really looks funny! I quite like seeing the interesting combinations you can make with it. On-screen, he looks like he has a normal torso so he doesnít look as funny in the various combinations on-screen.

Fire Kraken is a swappable Skylander with the Bounce ability. If you want to get 100% completion of Skylanders: Swap Force, you will need at least one Skylander of each of the eight abilities. Fire Kraken is a fair choice since he is a strong melee character with a touch of ranged abilities. Youíll find that the majority of his attacks are meant to work up close, but he can shoot some at a distance. I love the fact that after you buy Kraken Up, he actually attacks while jumping. He is the only Skylander I have run across yet with that ability.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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