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Score: 98%
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You don't run in scuba diving gear; why should you rail in shoes designed for playing tennis?! If you're into skateboarding, you won't want to wear 'tennis' shoes or 'running' shoes - they're not designed for skateboarding. offers you the chance to pick up some shoes designed specifically for skateboarding; designed by your favorite designer - you!


What's in a shoe? Lots. A lot of thinking, creativity and hard decisions go into the production of a shoe - especially atheletic shoes. Research is required to find materials that are both lightweight and strong, as well as finding ways to minimize the shock of impacts that will inevitably occur. Customatix has developed a material they call Damlite (because it's, well, damn light!) which really absorbs shock well while being lightweight. But enough of the feature hype. You want to know how good they are.

Besides the fact that they look however you WANT them to, they are very comfortable and are made to skate. Customatix's Railers have an above average amount of padding inside the shoe, to keep your shoes in place and under control, while providing added impact protection for your feet. This extra padding causes the shoe to be a bit tight feeling if you're not on your feet for an extended period of time, but the Railers are extremely comfortable when standing.

Additionally, Railers have a nearly completely flat sole. The padding makes up for the difference between the flatness of the shoe and the contour of your feet, but the completely flat bottom of the shoe allows for better contact with your 'board.

  • Exclusive Damlite EVA padding material
  • Online Measuring Machine
  • Several Logos to Choose From
  • Several Colors/Materials to Choose From
  • Artwork on Bottom (a la Skateboards...) - Large Variety to Choose From
  • Your Personal ID on Back of Each Shoe
  • Weight: Just 15 oz. (427.5g)
  • 15 Customizable Design Zones
  • Ollie-Ollie Protection: Durable Rubber Lateral Forefoot Insert / Full Rube Tip
  • Angrum Force Absorbing Material

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only problem I experienced with the Railer was due to the amount of padding. There is so much padding in the top of the shoes that, if you don't have any pressure on your feet (a.k.a. if you're not standing for a while) the shoes sort of feel like they're squeezing your foot. The remedy? Get back on your board, dude! Also - you will want to take care when designing your shoe. The shoe will look like it does on the screen. If you choose a mixture of colors or materials that aren't appealing, well, that's exactly what you'll get. Personally, my pair was a bit 'brighter' than I was counting on... not really any different than what they looked like on the monitor, I just figured the colors would be duller in real life. (They're not... =)

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

Windows eluminX Multiplatform Railer

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