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System Selector
Score: 100%
Developer: Pelican
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If you're a die-hard gamer like me, or if you've been a casual gamer for a few years now, you've probably got more than one video game system. For that matter, you may have to share the TV you use for your PlayStation with your brother and his Nintendo 64. At any rate, you probably have seen that connecting more than one system up to your television or VCR can be a pain. A system selector, such as Pelican's System Selector allows you to connect multiple game systems (or other devices) at the same time and lets you change from one device to the next by simply pressing a switch.


Pelican's System Selector is truly a class act. First of all, if you have a PlayStation 2 as the centerpiece of your entertainment system, then Pelican's System Selector is just the thing to help set it off. Featuring the familiar 'fin' lines of the PlayStation 2, the System Selector is right at home next to the PS2.

The System Selector has four large buttons on the front to allow for ease of use and four indicator windows on the top which allow you to see at a glance which system is currently selected. Also included with the Pelican System Selector is a bag of 'nameplates' which fit above the buttons. These nameplates fit securely into the selector, but may be carefully removed if desired when old systems are removed from your entertainment system. The nameplates that are included with the System Selector include N64, Dreamcast, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, DVD and Other.

One really nice feature of the Pelican System Selector is that it allows S-Video Inputs as well as the standard composite video inputs. Also, it has stereo audio inputs. The System Selector comes with AV and S-Video output cables, so no addional cords are required.

  • S-Video / Composite Video Compatible
  • Stereo Audio Compatible
  • AV / S-Video Output Cable Included
  • Stylish Design (Compliments PS2)
  • Easy to Access Buttons
  • Pre-Printed Nameplates
  • Active System Indicator on Top
  • Reduces Wear on System Cords
  • Up to 4 AV/S-Video Inputs
  • For Use With All Audio & Home Entertainment Systems

Drawbacks & Problems::

System selectors are system selectors. They make your life easy; they don't do tricks. The Pelican System Selector, however, is a very nice example of a system selector. The only thing I would have liked to see is some additional inputs. I realize that not everyone else out there has two PlayStation 2s, two PlayStations, a DreamCast, a Nintendo 64 and a Super NES, but there's a few of us out there who do... and it's not hard to imagine a lot of people with an N64, PlayStation, PS2 and a Dreamcast that are hoping to pick up an Xbox when they come out. At any rate, the only other thing that I'm not sure of (so can't complain about) is whether Pelican will provide any way of getting additional nameplates for new systems when they come out. True, they did plan a good bit ahead with the GameCube and the Xbox...

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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