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Score: 80%
Developer: Altec Lansing
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Television speakers suck. That's why Altec Lansing has introduced their XA3021 2.1 amplified speaker system for gaming consoles. Included are the connections required for use the console of your choice. The XA3021 has two shielded satellite speakers, a powerful subwoofer, stereo input RCA jacks, an auxiliary input jack and a remote control (wired) with three different EQ modes.

One thing that caught my attention when I was plugging in the cables was that the subwoofer seemed to be shaped like an old 'hydrogen bomb' or something - sort of short and squatty, but with fins. Well, the subwoofer can sit in either of two orientations: on these fins, looking not unlike a rocket, or on its side, where the fins act to stabilize the XA3021 and keep it from rolling.


If you're looking for something with more kick than your old television's speakers, you found the power you're looking for. In spades. Thuds, bumps and gunfire will shake you knock you and grab you by the attention span. If you're looking for a way to irritate your parents or that neighbor in the next apartment, the XA3021 is up to the job. The subwoofer doles out the blood-pumping bass. Meanwhile, the shielded satellite speakers temper this thunder with some bass. The remote control's equalizer has three settings. Names aside, they are essentially: bassy, bassier, and bass-a-rama. If you're looking for a well-balanced sound suitable for using with your DVDs and music CDs, I'd have to suggest Altec Lansing's Model 251 5.1 Amplified Speaker System instead. You get surround sound that works really well at the cost of a wireless remote control. If, however, you're looking for the boom and really want to feel it when an enemy mech connects with a missle attack, then the XA3021 may be your best choice...

  • 2.1 Speaker System
  • 40 Watts of Total System Power
  • Deep Bass
  • 3 Equalizer (EQ) Modes
  • Multifunction Remote Control (Wired)
  • Dual Headphone Jacks (on Remote)
  • Color Coded Cables
  • Shielded Satellite Speakers
  • Auxiliary Input
  • Works With All Consoles (with A/V out Cables)

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only complaint about this system would have to be its' weak treble response. The subwoofer does an excellent job of throwing some bass your way. The shielded satellite speakers, um, do too. They put out mainly mid to low range sounds. The highs are very under-represented in this system; something an audiofile couldn't stand for, but a gamer might not mind.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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