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PowerStation 600
Score: 99%
Developer: Monster
Compatible With:


There is at least one thing that hasn't changed since the earliest video game consoles. You STILL have to plug them in. In fact, with 64 and 128 bit processors and microminiturized electronics, today's systems are more susceptible to electronic surges than those game systems of years gone by. The PowerStation 600 provides a way of protecting your investment against surges that could harm your system.


If you have heard anything about Monster, you know their name is synonomous with high quality. This holds true for the PowerStation 600. Imagine a surge protector with 6 outlets, 24k gold contacts for better power transfer, surge protection for phone/ethernet lines, built in safety tabs and two outlets spaced with those clunky AC adapters in mind.

So, how good is it? I'll just say this: if it wasn't good, would they offer a 10 thousand dollar connected equiptment warranty? Nah, I didn't think so...

  • FlatProfile Plug (Stays Close to the Wall)
  • 6 Console Labeled Color Coded Outlets
  • Online Gaming Surge Protection (Phone/Ethernet)
  • 'Ground OK' Indicator
  • 'Protected' Indicator
  • Built-In Safety Tabs
  • 24k Gold Contacts (Great Power Transfer)
  • 2 Outlets Spaced to Accomodate AC Adapters
  • Engineered for use with PlayStation 2 / Dreamcast
  • 10 thousand dollar Connected Equipment Warranty

Drawbacks & Problems::

Problems? Um... Drawbacks? Well, let's see... it comes in a plastic packaging that you have to open first? In all seriousness, the only reason ever to buy less than the best is cost - and with the PowerStation 600 fetchable for around 25 dollars, it's around five dollars above your average surge protector and about ten dollars more than a 'no-name' brand. When you factor in the 10 thousand dollar connected equipment warranty and the lifetime product warranty, it seems worth the difference, now doesn't it!?

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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