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Eye-Trek FMD-250W
Score: 95%
Developer: Olympus
Compatible With:


Wish you could play your games or watch your movies on a big tv - but don't have the room? Want that immersive gaming experience but the neighbors won't let you crank up the volume? Do you love your personal entertainment, but find that you're always on the go? Enter the Eye-Trek FMD-250W from Olympus...

Imagine: you want to play your copy of Max Payne for the PS2, but it's 2:00 AM and the folks downstairs are light sleepers. So, you reach into the pocket of your black leather jacket, pull out a pair of glasses that look like something out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger Sci-Fi flick, plug it into your PS2 and a power outlet, pull the small earbud headphones out of the frame of the glasses and place them in your ears and then you settle in for some immersive, explosive, 'bullet-time' action. Anyone on the other side of the couch wouldn't hear a thing. Meanwhile, you're in a world of your own. You hear, see and live in the game now... That is, until you get tired of playing the game and decide to throw a DVD in the PS2... or, for that matter, a DVD player - or anything with an A/V out.


You get a 240,000 pixel image with selectable 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios and an integrated sound system with such goodies as true stereo, bass boost and SRS(r) (Sound Retrieval System) 3D sound. Is it good? You betcha! Before trying this unit, I tried the Eye-Trek FMD-20P I was really amazed at the quality of the image of the FMD-20P. Then I tried the Eye-Trek FMD-250W and I was utterly blown away. As good as the FMD-20P was, the FMD-250W was leaps and bounds beyond. The price of the FMD-250W is substantially greater, but the question is one of quality. If you are a true video enthusiast and demand the best, you will be quite pleased with the FMD-250W. Additionally, it's A/V input will allow for much more versatile use than the FMD-20P

  • 240,000 Pixel Image
  • Selectable 16:9 or 4:3 Aspect Ratios
  • Can be Powered by the Panasonic(r) DVD-PV40 Portable DVD Player (using the optional PV40 cable)
  • Works with TV, VCR, DVD or any NTSC Video Source
  • Simulates 62'' Wide-Screen from 6-1/2' Away
  • Built-In Headphones
  • SRS(r) (Sound Retrieval System) HEADPHONE Technology 3D Stereo Sound
  • Built in Controller (for Eye-Trek Settings, etc.)
  • Includes AC Adapter and Leather Case

Drawbacks & Problems::

There's only one drawback with the Olympus Eye-Trek FMD-250W, and that's the steep pricetag. However, this is the video enthusiast's version of the Eye-Trek; the top-of the line. If you're not willing to part with this much cash, Olympus has three other models to offer, at much lower pricepoints. I've seen the least expensive model and can tell you that even it is a nice product. In the end, however, you get what you pay for. This one has the most features and the best quality, hands down.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

Sony PlayStation 2 Eye-Trek FMD-20P Sony PlayStation 2 DVD Remote Controller

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