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Score: 98%
Developer: Bob Earl Racing
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Bob Earl Racing's VRC-1 is a virtual racing chassis. What does that mean? That means that it recreates the positioning of components (steering wheel, pedals, seat, etc.) that would be found in a race car. (In this case, a Formula car.) How would Bob Earl know? Bob Earl has raced in Formula cars. (In fact, Bob Earl has won in Formula cars.) Bob Earl's resume is not only impressive, but with experience from racing to teaching at a performance driving academy it helps to explain why he would be ideal to enhance racing simulations. To create a realistic simulation, you have to be familiar with the real thing...


What the VRC-1 comes with is simply a frame and some goodies that help to install your steering wheel and pedals. (In other words, STEERING WHEEL AND PEDALS NOT INCLUDED.) This having been said, the VRC-1 comes with a comfortable padded seat mounted to an adjustable frame. The frame is designed to allow for adjustments from really tall riders to absolutely short riders, both with adjustable length from seat to pedals and angular height/distance of the steering wheel mount.

During a recent event at Louisiana State University using the VRC-1, we had contestants from a full range of sizes: from about 3'5'' to 6'3'', male and female, and no one had a problem fitting in the VRC-1. The steering wheel we used for the event didn't hold on to the VRC-1 tight enough, and would come loose occasionally during gameplay. This could be in part due to the steering wheel mount height not being adjusted low enough for certain contestants. In the home environment, with many fewer users and a more time allowed for adjustments between changing of riders, this problem should be greatly diminished. I didn't encounter this problem at all when testing the unit out on my own at home.

The VRC-1 used in conjunction with a TV is great. I, however, also tried the VRC-1 unit in conjunction with a pair of Olympus Eye-Trek glasses. Think beyond great. Together, the VRC-1 and the Eye-Trek glasses create an incredibly immersive racing simulation environment. If you can afford to spend the cash, a couple of VRC-1's and a couple of pairs of Eye-Trek glasses hooked up to a pair of i-linked PS2s provides an excellent home racing simulation setup for two. If you can afford more, buy eight of each and hook them up to a LAN and you've got your very own location based entertainment complex in the making...

  • Comfortable, Padded Automotive Seat
  • Formula Car Style Positioning
  • Adhesive Velcro® Strips for Mounting Pedals to Frame
  • Adjustable Pedal Mount Distance
  • Adjustable Wheel Mount Distance/Height
  • Works with Any Gaming / Simulation System
  • Works with Any Racing Software
  • Includes Dual Sided Velcro® Wire Ties for Channeling Wires Along Frame
  • May Be Stored with Wheel and Pedals Mounted
  • May Be Stored in Most Compacted Position and/or Upright to Save Space

Drawbacks & Problems::

The only problem I observed while using the VRC-1 had to do with the mounting of the steering wheel. If the steering wheel mount was a bit too far from the user, they are apt to pull it towards them and possibly remove it from the wheel mount. The unit I reviewed was, in fact, a prototype. I have mentioned this problem to Bob Earl and he is looking into ways to alleviate the problem. Even so, if the wheel is positioned correctly, this may never be an issue.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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