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Bone Light
Score: 80%
Developer: MadCatz


The MadCatz Bone Light serves as illumination for your Gameboy Color when you're in low-light situations. Plugging into the GameLink port, the Bone Light uses no external power supplies and brightens the screen considerably, making night-time playing a feasibility without the power drain of a back-light on the screen. It's adjustable for both height and angle, letting you get the best settings for the game and lighting situation at hand. And it glows in the dark.


For the most part, the Bone Light does exactly what it sets out to do. There are a few minor glitches, however, that keep the Light from perfection. In the end, though, it's as solid of a solution to the problem as any, and certainly a lot cheaper on batteries than most. Combined with a rechargeable battery unit, the Bone Light turns your Gameboy Color into a truly portable gaming station.

After plugging the Bone Light into the GameLink port on your GBC, you'll have to adjust it for the game. You may have a problem with getting it at the right angle -- this is solvable by simply popping the 'bones' out of socket and adjusting them to wherever you need them to go. I'm not entirely sure that this is what you're supposed to do, but I couldn't get the Light into the angle I wanted without doing so. It's both a feature and a drawback, as I'd imagine you definitely do not want to leave this around a small kid. The bones could be popped out easily and swallowed, and that would be a Bad Thing.

The light itself is bright. Almost too bright, in fact. You'll see a big bright spot on the screen where the light is, and much of the art of using the Bone Light is maneuvering that spot into a location that doesn't affect the game you're playing. Of course, moving the light too far away keeps the screen from being lit, so oftentimes you have to make some sort of compromise. This has been a problem with every light source I've ever used on a Gameboy. It may be possible to make some sort of diffuse light filter to keep it from happening, but I'm not so sure. It's a drawback, for sure, but one that all the other similar devices have as well.

And in the end, MadCatz's Bone Light is good for the job it does. You'll be able to play your GBC on the road, in the dark, which is a nice feature for those late night Tetris marathons. The glow-in-the-dark bit is gimmicky . . . as if the whole skull-and-bones thing isn't?

  • Adjustable height and position to maximize usage for a game
  • No external power supply -- plugs into the GameLink port
  • Glows in the dark

Drawbacks & Problems::

The little bone pieces may be dangerous for kidlets, so don't leave it dragging around them. And I suppose that there may be a chance that you're around a campfire in the woods and want to gamelink with someone, but can't because you have this light -- but I think that's a pretty rare occurance. The bright shine of the light takes some ignoring or adjusting, but that's something that can't really be helped.

In the end, the Bone Light is neither better nor worse than that other plug-in light offering. If you see it, by all means pick it up -- but if you already have something that's comparable, there's no need to buy it again. It's a solid product, though, and every GBC user should have something of the sort.

-Sunfall to-Ennien, GameVortex Communications
AKA Phil Bordelon

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