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Interview with Feedback aka Matthew Atherton

Game: Who Wants to be a Superhero?
Company: SciFi

We recently interviewed Feedback aka Matthew Atherton, winner of SciFi's Who Wants To Be A Superhero. The Geck0 aka Robert Perkins and Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins got Feedback in an Instant Messenger chat and talked at length about the show, the experience and a lot of other interesting things...

GV: [Geck0] First of all, I want to congratulate you on winning Who Wants To Be A Superhero and thank you for taking the time for this interview - I imagine you've had a very busy interview schedule since the contest concluded.

Feedback: Thank you. It has been crazy! Plus, my wife, Sarah Blevins, was scheduled to participate in the Boston Comedy Festival the week after the final episode, and we had to prepare for the trip, so you could definitely say that it has been busy!

GV: [Geck0] The prize behind Who Wants To Be A Superhero is "Immortality" in the form of a comic book and a movie on the Sci-Fi channel. That's so exciting! I noticed that the words used always said that a Sci-Fi movie would be made about your character - it never said who would play that character. Will you be playing the part of Feedback in the Sci-Fi movie?

Feedback: Any day in a superhero suit is a GREAT day for me! I'd obviously love to play Feedback in the Sci-Fi movie, and many fans have expressed that they would be disappointed if someone else played the character, but we'll just have to wait and see. The series has just ended and no details are available about the movie, yet.

GV: [Geck0] Well, I for one am very anxious to see how it turns out.

Feedback: I'm anxious to see how it turns out, too! Either way, it's going to be cool to see Feedback in action!

GV: [Geck0] Looking around in forums, I've seen postings from people who assert that you're an actor. On IMDB, I see listings for Malcolm in the Middle, Navy NCIS and Special Unit 2. Surprisingly, I found that some other participants had more credits listed in IMDB. I think the thing people are afraid of is that the participants may have viewed the show simply as an acting opportunity. How do you answer these people? Do you feel that any of the participants considered WWTBAS as just an acting job - a role to play?

Feedback: Before this show came along, the closest I could ever have hoped to get to being a superhero was to play one in a little student film. I've been a Spider-Man fan since I was 5 years old, and I was extremely nervous that the fact that I had an acting background would hurt me in the selection process.

I heard a great quote the other day from the Sci-Fi boards that was made by one of the fans: "Using a reality show as a gateway to a better acting career is like using a toilet brush as a gateway to fresher breath and a brighter smile." It still makes me laugh every time I repeat it because it is so true.

GV: [Geck0] Haha! I love it.

Feedback: I have tried to assure people that the show was not scripted. We were never told ahead of time what was going to happen.

GV: [Geck0] Another thing I've seen posted about you was that you are a martial artist. The poster grouped this with the actor comment as if it was a bad thing, although I see martial arts as a natural hobby of anyone interested in becoming a superhero. Are you a martial artist, and if so, what martial arts have you studied?

Feedback: When I was in the 4th grade, I had a problem... I had a temper problem, and I was getting into a lot of fights in elementary school. So, my parents got me into Tae Kwon Do to learn discipline.

I took Tae Kwon Do from the 4th grade through the 8th grade (I could not continue to go after my father died) and I learned the discipline and restraint to keep my temper in check.

GV: [Geck0] So martial arts goes way back for you, then, but you haven't kept it up.

Feedback: Yes, it goes way back! I've tried to keep up my flexibility, but only so I can jump around in my Spider-Man costume... Well, and now, my Feedback costume!

GV: [Geck0] Did you get to keep the costume from the show, or are you back to the original Feedback costume?

Feedback: So far, we only get to keep the original costumes, but I'm working on trying to keep the new one so I can store it in a vault, and put it in a secret chamber that my future kids could discover by pulling off a particular book on a bookshelf: door slides back, lights come on, and there it is!

GV: [Geck0] Your very own Feedback Cave?

Feedback: That's exactly what I've wanted my whole life... I'm hoping the crew from "Monster House" makes a special visit to turn our house into a lair!

GV: [Geck0] That would be awesome.

Feedback: Or, maybe someone from "Overhaulin" comes by and can turn my car into the "Feedback -mobile" complete with gaming console in the car!

GV: [Geck0] So, in Feedback's origin story, he's a software engineer. Are you (Matt Atherton) really a software engineer? If so, what sort of software have you worked on in the past and have you ever tried (or considered) game development? Just imagine a superhero who could write his own powers...

Feedback: Yes! I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Grinnell College, and am indeed a software engineer. In the past, I have worked on 3D Geometric Modeling software (Spatial Technology in Boulder, CO - right after college), then a company called Hypertree Technology (a startup) and then I was the technical director for Compu-Crane, a crane simulation and planning software package. Now, I do consulting for a company in Tulsa, OK, and am working in ASP, .Net 2.0.

GV: [Geck0] Have you ever considered game development? ...Especially now, with XNA allowing game development in C# that can even be played on Xbox Live Arcade?

Feedback: I haven't been involved in it up to this point, but I would really enjoy it. I would have to be hired at a game company to work on that right now - I have expertise in solving problems for businesses, so that's what I get hired to do as a consultant.

If I had more free time, I could do some game development on my own, and I would have a blast! I'm envious of those that get to work on them. I did some user-interface development for a game as a class project in college, and it was the most fun I had programming, and very rewarding - worked on it for weeks, and never got tired of it.

Tech Support, my fan club, has been tossing around the idea about Feedback writing a game to create his own powers. I think it would be a really interesting storyline. It would sort of be along the lines of when Peter Parker tried to use his chemistry skills to remove his Spider powers, and we all know how that turned into a great story!

GV: [Geck0] It sounds like it would make a really interesting story... The outcome could be somewhat unpredictable.

Feedback: I think that's what makes for an interesting story!

GV: [Geck0] Some might not know just how dedicated you were to this - auditioning for WWTBAS back when it was being kicked around by MTV, sending in a video tape audition when Sci-Fi picked it up and then, after not hearing back, going to open auditions. I read in an IGN interview that you actually quit your job to focus on WWTBAS when you were selected as an alternate. What made this so important for you, personally?

Feedback: I don't know how I can describe it... Have you ever been inexorably drawn to something? No matter how impossible it might seem, you just have to do it? It was something that was deeply important to me to give 100% of my energy toward. Superheroes have been a huge part of my life, and the opportunity to be tested, to see if I measured up, is what I wanted more than anything.

GV: [Geck0] I wanted to tell you that I'm one of those people who, like you, grew up reading Spider-Man and I see a lot of him in you. You push yourself for perfection, while the perfection of "Spider-Man" as a character is that he does make mistakes, but he learns from them. In that first challenge, you missed an important element because you were concentrating on the mission - but you learned from it. Perfection isn't a state that can be reached; it's a process of continually improving. Looking back, can you see that?

Feedback: It is true that I am a perfectionist, and it drives a lot of people crazy. I think I got it from my Grandfather, because he's a perfectionist, too, and has always said, "If it's not worth doing right the first time, it's not worth doing at all."

GV: [Psibabe] He sounds like Uncle Ben.

Feedback: Grandpa is a lot like Uncle Ben... after my dad died, I became really close with both of my grandparents on my father's side - they are my link to him. Now, regarding how I deal with "not being perfect"... I get mad. I get really angry with myself when I screw up, and that's what Fat Momma was talking about during the "Self Sacrifice" challenge. She pulled me aside and said, "Feedback, you're missing this. You're getting so upset that you're not doing everything perfectly, that you're missing this experience you've been waiting for your whole life."

GV: [Psibabe] That makes a lot of sense.

Feedback: So... I'm glad I missed the girl on that first challenge, because it was a real wake-up call. Now - don't get me wrong - I would have been CRUSHED if I'd been eliminated because of it. I really thought, after I found out she was there, that I was the only one who had missed her, and that I was going home... Those were some of the darkest moments of my whole time there... to go through all of that to get there, and then to have to leave so soon... I was really upset.

GV: [Psibabe] Fortunately, it didn't work out that way.

Feedback: But I tried to learn from the mistake, and take a page out of Major Victory's book, and be more present, more aware, and the only way to do that was to have a sense of humor.

GV: [Geck0] He definitely had that in spades.

GV: [Psibabe] Yes, he was really entertaining to watch.

Feedback: Yeah, I originally thought Major Victory was making fun of being a superhero, and then I got to know him. He takes it seriously - he was just having fun WITH it. That's when the pendulum swung too hard in the other direction, and "trying to be funny" I made fun of Ty'Veculus' costume... Smooth move... not one of my finer moments.

GV: [Geck0] Ouch!

GV: [Psibabe] I just mentioned that to Rob moments ago... I did think it was funny, though.

GV: [Geck0] I don't think Ty’Veculus took the pun the way you were intending. That combined with the fact that he said he liked the costume when he wasn't happy with it and he became a bit touchy.

Feedback: Well, I've had a number of people say they thought the "biggest fan" remark was funny and harmless, but a careless remark by a good friend can leave an indelible mark. I'm glad the show could teach that lesson, so something good came of it, at least.

Sometimes, we think something is "no big deal" or "just for laughs" but look at how many super-villains have risen in the past because they were made fun of. It's real pain that you can inflict if you are careless with your words.

GV: [Geck0] True.

GV: [Psibabe] Look at Dark Enforcer, for instance.

Feedback: Bingo!

You know, in 7th grade, our teacher let us yell out, "Grammar Error!" every time we caught someone using bad grammar. Dangling participles were my specialty.

That was a bad thing when I moved to a new school in 8th grade and continued the practice... outcast for life!

GV: [Psibabe] Bwahahaha! I can imagine. Well, this interview will consist of nothing but "grammar error!" if we do that.

Feedback: School...

GV: [Geck0] Yes... but the ellipses... can never... be wrong... which brings us to...


GV: [Geck0] Exactly!

GV: [Psibabe] Our favorite challenge!

Feedback: Mine too!!! Pure determination and will! No mind games!

GV: [Geck0] I had to rewind and re-watch Monkey Woman several times. That was insane!

Feedback: She was really in there for 10 minutes! It was insane - but smart! She tired them out!

GV: [Psibabe] I'll bet she had bruises to show for it though.

Feedback: She was so happy, she didn't feel them even if she had them; she was beaming!! They had to cool the dogs down for 15 minutes after they finished with her!!!

GV: [Psibabe] Wow.

GV: [Geck0] Physically or emotionally?

Feedback: The dogs were worn out... and hot.

GV: [Geck0] They just needed a donut...

Feedback: Ahhh!!! Good thing they didn't eat more of her donuts! We would have been fighting two dogs the size of "Fluffy" from Harry Potter!

GV: [Geck0] Haha! I know Spider-Man was very much your role model growing up. Have you been following Spider-Man as of late and, if so, how do you feel about the Civil War? What are your thoughts on this turn of events?

Feedback: I cannot wait to read Civil War! Nitro G has been filling me in on what's going on. I know he revealed his identity, and I think that's going to bring down some major consequences... bad idea. I think if you are willing to reveal your identity, and you have enemies, you are consciously putting all of the lives of everyone you love in the hands of maniacs.

GV: [Psibabe] I so would have called Stan on that one after the diner challenge. A superhero never reveals his identity, eh? Read your own stuff lately?

Feedback: At the time of filming... he hadn't done it yet!!! Really!

GV: [Psibabe] Ok, I stand corrected.

Feedback: Well, that's what's great about this show. See, everyone thinks that I'm Matthew Atherton, but I'm really... wait! You almost got me! Whew - that was a close one!

GV: [Psibabe] Damn, we almost got him! Foiled again. When was the show filmed?

Feedback: The Who Wants To Be a Superhero MySpace page posted that filming had begun around the middle of May... that's all I'm officially allowed to disclose...

GV: [Psibabe] Well, that's not much earlier than the airing of the show. Not many months...

Feedback: Not too many - it was a real race to edit everything on time! I heard the main editor, David, was there for multiple 24-hour stretches...

GV: [Psibabe] I can imagine. Ouch.

GV: [Geck0] Speaking of time, I was impressed by how you took the contest so seriously. That was evident in your original Feedback costume. How much time and money went in to making that?

Feedback: I spent over $900 and two months to make it.

GV: [Psibabe] Ack! That is serious!

GV: [Geck0] I could never convince Ash to let me spend that much! HmmmMmmmmm....

GV: [Psibabe] He's right, you know.

Feedback: If I didn't get chosen for the show, I didn't want it to be because I had not gone 100% on anything I had control over.

GV: [Psibabe] Boy, but if you hadn't been chosen, then you'd have a really expensive Halloween costume...

GV: [Geck0] ...And no one would have known who you were dressed up as.

GV: [Psibabe] That would suck.

Feedback: Yeah... if I'd had more time, I’d planned to make the "F" glow. It was always a race against time on everything with the show. I think I'll do that for this Halloween, maybe... There's a space in there for an array of LED lights, and an access panel.

GV: [Geck0] That would be awesome. I suggest eL lighting strips.

GV: [Psibabe] A secret compartment... of course.

Feedback: Cool - I'll check out the eL lighting strips - thanks!!!

Sarah was pretty mad when she found out how much I'd spent, but she knew it was my dream, so she didn't get too mad. She was really supportive. And has been all the way.

GV: [Geck0] While the show was a reality game show, it was a strange mix - I mean, you have a group of people who are trying to portray these characters they've created and then you have these real interactions between them, which forces them to be themselves. What was that experience like?

Feedback: In the beginning, the lines between "superhero" and "real person" where somewhat defined, but then they got blurred pretty quickly. I still call "Fat Momma" by her superhero name, and she calls me "Feedback" because that's how we formed our relationship. It’s the same with "Nitro G" and "Monkey Woman" and "Ty'Veculus". They're just different names.

But the experience was, second to being married to my wife, the most amazing of my life. I'll tell you why... Because how often do you get a chance to have no email, no cell phone, no contact with the outside world - and just concentrate on yourself, and forming friendships with the other people around you? It was really great, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

GV: [Psibabe] Do you keep in regular contact with all of them? Are there any that you are closer to now that the show has ended?

Feedback: Fat Momma and Nitro G and I talk every day. Every day. I talk with Major Victory and Ty'Veculus often, and Monkey Woman, and Iron Enforcer, too. We're all friends.

GV: [Psibabe] That’s wonderful, and also surprising since Nitro G was the first to go. But, I guess you all spent time prior to that first show together.

Feedback: Not much - Nitro G and I just clicked that first night in the lair - we're both HUGE Spidey fans! He's got a thing for Gwen Stacey, and obviously so did I (before I found Sarah... who, well, looks like Gwen Stacey!)

GV: [Geck0] You all seemed to gel very quickly as a group. How long did the contest actually last? The show had six episodes, but it seemed that each episode covered a two-day span. By my calculations, that would make it just shy of two weeks. Is that about right?

Feedback: I'm not allowed to disclose that info - don't know why it's such a big secret...

GV: [Geck0] ...I don't either, but it makes it harder for those of us who are saving up our vacation time in hopes of second season auditions.

Feedback: We did gel very quickly, but in that kind of environment, it wasn't surprising - we all slept in the same room together at night like the Waltons... I still say "Goodnight, Fat Momma" every night at the end of our conversations...

Well, if there is a second season, I think it may be even more drawn out than our time in the lair. If I get to be involved in any way, I want to make sure everyone gets to stay in the lair as long as possible, because it was so cool!!! Plus, season 2 might have more episodes now that they know it was a big hit!

GV: [Geck0] More occurred there than the public got to see, right? I understand that some of the challenges weren't aired; at what point did you find out which ones were going to be aired and which weren't?

Feedback: We didn't find out what would be aired until they aired.

GV: [Geck0] But you had to at least know which ones were talked about during the eliminations, right? Or was that brilliant editing?

Feedback: We'd watch an episode and say, "Hey! What happened to the poems we wrote?" (One of the challenges that you can see as a deleted scene on the Sci-Fi Pulse.)

For instance, right before Dark Enforcer showed up, we each had stood on the platform and talked about our own nemeses. But, because of time, they couldn't include that. But it taught each of us a lot about each other's characters.

GV: [Geck0] Cool. I can see how nemeses drive characters' backgrounds.

GV: [Psibabe] Did you suspect Iron Enforcer to be the villain prior to his reveal?

Feedback: Yes. I did… The elimination the night before didn't sit right with me, and I thought Stan was up to something. I thought for sure I was going to go that night. I was lucky he had plans for Iron Enforcer!

GV: [Geck0] So, your Feedback Sense was tingling?

Feedback: I didn't think Iron Enforcer was going to be a villain prior to the elimination - I just thought the circumstances surrounding his elimination were... well... they were somewhat out of character for Stan...

To eliminate someone for an arbitrary reason like that seemed to not teach a lesson, which I thought maybe the other eliminations did, up to that point.

GV: [Psibabe] I agree on that. I never suspected what he did though. It was a cool twist and I liked it.

GV: [Geck0] I agree. It felt a bit off. The way the show was directed, the audience was never surprised by eliminations - it was formatted in a very predictable way: First Challenge, First Elimination... Second Challenge, Second Elimination. Were you aware of which challenges eliminations would be based on, did it feel more random or did it seem like eliminations occurred after challenges that had more marked differences between peoples' performances?

Feedback: We were never really told "someone will be eliminated based on this challenge," we just knew that an elimination was going to occur that night, and it could be based on anything - maybe a challenge, maybe the way we treated another, maybe what we did when we actually thought no one was looking (i.e., the secret identity challenge).

GV: [Geck0] That one was rough.

Feedback: There was no "safe ground".

GV: [Geck0] Right.

Feedback: We all got pretty paranoid (or, at least, I did...).

GV: [Geck0] You've said that the thing you didn't get a chance to do on the show was to operate as a team in a team challenge, but I found that as the show progressed, the group acted more like a team with each challenge that came along - even the little bit of interaction we were privy to in the secret lair showed deep relationships forming where each person seemed to be there for the others, in a team dynamic that surpassed what I've seen on shows like Survivor. Case in point would be how quickly secret task assignments were agreed upon in the prisoner challenge. Do you think that the group acted more like a team towards the end, with each eliminated member affecting the team more deeply? ...Especially considering that you all keep in touch like you do...

Feedback: Sure, the more time you spend with people, the more you care about them, so it was natural that our bonds would be stronger. But really, the only reason I stayed on my block when Nitro G was eliminated was because I didn't know what would happen if I moved off of it. I was still in "being the perfect hero" mode - but it bummed me out to no end. Same with Monkey Woman - I felt sort of paralyzed.

It was Major Victory who first broke rank from our elimination line to give Ty'Veculus a hug. Then we all felt free to do the same after the remaining eliminations... Yay, Major Victory!!!

GV: [Psibabe] Yes, that was really moving.

GV: [Geck0] I don't agree with the way Monkey Woman was handled. That was devoid of pomp and circumstance - it was more like a public spanking.

Feedback: But the "team" exercise I wanted to do would have involved all of us, working together, to accomplish a task so we could "high five" each other after completing it successfully. I’m not a competitive person, but I love that feeling of winning as a team.

That elimination has caused more controversy than you could possibly imagine...

I really wish Stan Lee had justified his elimination with just "giving her name before being asked," rather than bringing in the whole "acting" thing into it. It has confused some people a bit, especially when they do an IMDB search and see that many of the superheroes have had small parts in a few shows...

GV: [Psibabe] Yes, I was deeply saddened to see her go.

GV: [Geck0] I understand that she considered herself an actress, and her response to Stan Lee was apologetic, but I don't think it came across to him the way she intended... and you don't see many "actresses" being drug around a back yard for 10 minutes by savage attack dogs...

Feedback: I just responded to a post on the Sci-Fi boards tonight, from someone who said he was disappointed because he thought my excitement and enthusiasm was an act... It's hard to let everyone know just how much this experience meant to me, and that if I were required to give up acting for the rest of my life to be on the show, I would have done it!

GV: [Psibabe] Exactly, when Creature gave her name up and never ever said her Superhero name. It didn't make sense. I totally thought Creature was a plant to have made it as long as she did.

Feedback: Creature is a dancer, and it was hard for her to stay in top form while she was in the confines of the lair, but I think she wanted to go all the way. She's smart, and I think she picked up on the fact that it might be a self-sacrifice test.

Creature's a really cool woman - total free spirit. She wanted to get her message out there to be conscious of the choices you make, and she really had a big effect on me.

GV: [Geck0] In the self-sacrifice test, I totally was expecting Stan to take Creature up on her self-elimination - she sort of seemed like she wasn't taking it as seriously, and I thought her message was heart-felt.

GV: [Geck0] Was she a "dancer" in a "Major Victory" sort of way, or some other form of dancing?

Feedback: She's a performance dancer... and she's really talented - check out her web site and you'll see all kinds of things she's done.

I hope others take her message to heart. Even if it is as simple as recycling...

GV: [Psibabe] I noticed the comments about her organic foods after she was eliminated.

Feedback: Yeah, Lemuria gave me a hard time about it because I said it was "raw" ... pretty funny whenever I watch that episode...

GV: [Geck0] In the challenge at the school, you said that your favorite game is Pong. Was that merely due to its longer effect for Feedback? Do you play video games on current consoles - the more complex varieties - and if so, what are your favorites?

Feedback: I said "Prince of Persia" was my favorite game, and then I said, "Another favorite of mine is Pong!" That statement sort of got compressed...

GV: [Psibabe] Ahh, that makes more sense. Creative editing and all...

Feedback: I love Thief 3, Deadly Shadows, and Guitar Hero! I have an old Xbox and a PS2, but most of my games are for XBox. Sarah and I play PC-based mystery games...

GV: [Geck0] Cool. So, Superhero, who’s better at games, you or Sarah?

Feedback: Yeah - it's the best when we have a free night, and can just sit down in front of the same machine and play a game that requires us to use our brains. That's why we enjoyed TOMB so much...

GV: [Psibabe] So, when you play Guitar Hero, is there a lot of feedback... (sorry, terribly corny)

Feedback: Actually, my friend Dave Moore, got me hooked on Guitar Hero, and I have to practice like crazy to play against him, so I turn up all the dials to "11" and don't care if there's feedback!

"11" is a reference to "This Is Spinal Tap"...

GV: [Psibabe] Right.

GV: [Geck0] Is Dave Moore the one who helped to build your suit?

Feedback: No, Tom Knowles is the man who helped me with the "Feedback Field Integrity Monitor" electronics, and Dan Egler helped me machine the housing mounts for the components. Everything else I did on my own.

GV: [Geck0] It was Dan I was thinking about... He and Dave look so much alike... you know, with the "Da" thing...

GV: [Psibabe] Guitar Hero II is around the corner!

Feedback: My neighbors will be very upset when Guitar Hero II comes out...

GV: [Psibabe] We are Karaoke Revolution fanatics, personally.

Feedback: I wish I could sing - I consider that a superpower....

We bought Karaoke Revolution, but Sarah is the only one who’s good at it. She sings this one song and just glows the whole time. She's awesome.

GV: [Geck0] Ash outshines me... and takes pride in doing so on any game that comes through here.

GV: [Psibabe] Hey! He's right, you know. It's totally true.

GV: [Geck0] ...But, I do have to say that when we take the show on the road to a party, we totally pwn the competition.

Feedback: Great - now I know whom not to invite! ...Just kidding!

Sarah used to work at Gameworks, so it makes sense she came up with Feedback getting his powers from video games.

So, I know what it is like to have your clock cleaned by a girl, but I dominate at Tetris!

Seriously, sometimes we just sit down and play Tetris for 20 minutes, and unwind... She's so competitive... Maybe "unwind" isn't the right word...

GV: [Geck0] One last question and, in my mind, the important question: Which would you prefer, the fame and popularity that comes with the prize or a life of obscurity as the unknown secret alias of a real Superhero? Is winning this prize truly a complete fulfillment of your dreams?

Feedback: The world, in my opinion, could really use a true superhero right now. The real dream... to actually have superpowers.... It's a huge responsibility, and although I would be afraid of making bad decisions, I have to think that ultimately, I could do more good than ill.... you know... When I first got the call that I was being considered for the show... I didn't tell my wife for a couple of days, because I wanted to know what that felt like - the burning secret...

To have a secret identity, and to not tell anyone, not even the person I was closest to in the whole world.

GV: [Psibabe] And I bet it ate you up, the need to tell someone so important to you.

Feedback: It was extremely difficult, but at the same time, gave me a sense of confidence every time that I kept my mouth shut at the perfect opportunity to spill the beans. She was MAD when she found out that I had kept it from her, so in retrospect, maybe it wasn't a good idea...

GV: [Psibabe] Probably not.

Feedback: There's only one reason why I would think twice about having superpowers... Sarah.

If I did something that put her life in danger, or made an enemy that wanted to get to me by hurting her, then I'd really regret it. She's my rock. So I hope that, whatever comes of this is positive.

Is it truly a fulfillment of my dream? Within the confines of our reality, I have to say "yes!"

GV: [Geck0] I'm sure positive things will come from everyone's involvement in the show. A lot of people laughed the show off originally, but then tuned in and took note - some despite themselves.

Feedback: If people can be inspired by it, and go forth and be heroes in their own lives, then this show has done more good than any other that I can think of!

GV: [Psibabe] Yes, I hope Sci-Fi reruns it, because we watched all the reruns every week, for like 3 hours in a row!

Feedback: That's awesome - I'd watch the reruns, too!!!

GV: [Geck0] Let us know when you find out when you'll be in Universal Studios, Florida - perhaps we can have a follow up.

GV: [Psibabe] Definitely.

Feedback: I just hope they put lots of bonus footage on the DVD!

GV: [Psibabe] Yes, the fans would go nuts for it.

GV: [Geck0] Me, too... I need to see about getting a review copy, now...

Feedback: There's so much more that we experienced than we could ever tell... Every minute was memorable.

Thanks for the opportunity to share some of it with you. I hope they have more seasons so that others can have a chance to experience it. It was an experience of a lifetime!

GV: [Psibabe] Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get to know you aside from what we saw on the show!

If you want more information about Feedback or Who Wants To Be A Superhero, check out the links that follow.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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