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Naruto: Uncut Box Set 10

Score: 97%
Rating: Teen
Publisher: Viz Media
Region: 1
Media: DVD/3
Running Time: 375 Mins.
Genre: Anime/TV Series/Box Set
Audio: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English


  • Collectible Naruto Storyboard Booklet, Episode 134
  • Production Art
  • From Sketch to Screen: Storyboard Comparison Episode 128
  • Volume 11 Sneak Preview
  • Episodes:
    1. To Each His Own Battle
    2. Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback!
    3. The Leaf's Handsome Devil!
    4. The Beast Within
    5. The Sand Shinobi: Allies of the Leaf
    6. Showdown: Gaara vs. Kimimaro!
    7. Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance
    8. A Cry on Deaf Ears
    9. Brothers: Distance Among the Uchiha
    10. Father and Son, the Broken Crest
    11. The Secrets of the Mangekyo Sharingan!
    12. For a Friend
    13. A Plea From a Friend
    14. The End of Tears
    15. The Promise That Could Not Be Kept

Naruto: Uncut Box Set 10 wraps up the action of the Naruto Sasuke Retrieval Squad story arc. When we last left our heroes, Naruto, Shikamaru and Kiba have just started their fights with the remaining Sound Ninja.

These episodes start with Kiba's continued battle against the twins Ukon and Sakon powered up to second state. With Akamaru down and out, Kiba's options are limited, and it doesn't help that Ukon has actually entered his body and is slowly taking over it cell by cell. Meanwhile, Shikamaru's fight with Tayuya is also turning out to be harder than he thought. She not only has her three huge, blind summons, but they each have some strange ghost-like creature coming out of them that eats away at Shikimaru's chakra - not good.

But, of course, the main event is Naruto facing off against the dreaded Kimimaro. The fighter from the Sound claims that Sasuke's just about ready to wake up and head to Orochimaru on his own (without needing the other ninja as bodyguards). Thankfully, just when Sasuke emerges transformed, a fellow Leaf Ninja appears to take on Kimimaro so Naruto can follow Sasuke. This new fighter is none other than Rock Lee (fresh from his surgery).

This boxed set also offers a few twists in some help from unlikely allies for Kiba, Shikimaru and Rock Lee as well as the big battle itself, Naruto versus Sasuke. And, of course, it's that fight that is the real draw in this set. Here we get a ton more backstory to show exactly why he has decided to defect to the Sound Village as well as exactly what went down all those years ago concerning Sasuke always living in his brother's shadow, and the events that led up to Itachi slaughtering the entire Uchiha clan.

I do have to say, while the fight between Sasuke and Naruto lasts for several episodes, the first few are little more than one or two punches and 15 minutes of flashbacks. But once the story is told, the fight goes all out. Sasuke ends up having to not only awaken the curse mark, but also activate his second state form in order to counter Naruto's sudden power surge. Naruto's new found power of course comes from tapping into the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra like never before. Lets just say that a fight between Second State Sasuke and One-Tailed Naruto is like none other in the series so far, and it is definitely worth the build up.

Because it has not only that great fight, but also some pretty good ones against the other Sound Ninja, Uncut Box Set 10 is a solid purchase for Naruto fans. Unfortunately, it is very dependant on the previous boxes, so people interested in the series should definitely not just jump in here.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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