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Adam Sandler Collection

Score: 100%
Rating: PG-13
Publisher: Sony Pictures Home

Region: 1
Media: DVD/3
Running Time: 289 Mins. (Mr. Deeds: 97 Mins.;
           50 First Dates: 99 Mins.; Big
           Daddy: 93 Mins.)

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Audio: Mr. Deeds: English 5.1
           (Dolby Digital), French; 50
           First Dates
: English, French
           5.1 (Dolby Digital); Big
: English 5.1 (Dolby
           Digital), English 2.0 (Dolby
Subtitles: Mr.
: English, French;
           50 First Dates: English,
           French; Big Daddy:


  • Mr. Deeds:
    • Commentary
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Featurettes
    • Music Video - Dave Matthews Band "Where Are You Going?"
    • Outtakes Reel
    • Filmographies
    • Deeds' Greeting Cards
  • 50 First Dates:
    • Director and Cast Commentary
    • Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
    • The Dating Scene: The Making of 50 First Dates
    • Music Videos
    • Comedy Central Reel Comedy Special
    • Gag Reel
    • Talkin' Pidgin Featurette
    • Filmographies
  • Big Daddy:
    • HBO First Look: The Making of Big Daddy
    • Music Videos - Garbage "When I Grow Up" and Sheryl Crow "Sweet Child O' Mine"

If you are an Adam Sandler fan then the Adam Sandler Collection is a perfect choice for you, provided you don't already have these movies in your collection. Now, I like Adam Sandler a lot, but I must admit, only a few of his movies reside in my vast movie collection. Why? Because although I think he is hilarious, I break his movies down into two types: 1) Raunchy comedies and 2) Feel-good comedies with some raunchyness. All three of the movies in this collection fall into the latter type, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review it.

The collection consists of three of Adam Sandler's best films. Included films are Mr. Deeds, 50 First Dates and Big Daddy and all three are comedy gold.

Mr. Deeds tells the story of small-town, all around good guy, Longfellow Deeds, who finds himself inheriting 40 billion dollars from an uncle he really never knew. Along with this monetary boon comes the control of a vast media corporation and the cut-throat executives who want to wrest control from Deeds by duping him into selling his shares to them. Peter Gallagher turns in a nice performance as sleazy exec Chuck Cedar and Winona Rider stars as Babe Bennett, a reporter out to get the ultimate story of her career. She pretends to be sweet school nurse Pam Dawson and wins Deeds heart, only to find herself falling for him as well. As Deeds adapts to life in the big city, he realizes just how rough it can be, but also sees that he'd rather stay and run the company his own way, rather than simply taking the cash and heading home. Steve Buscemi as Crazy Eyes, the local "criminal" and John Turturro as Emilio Lopez, Deeds' manservant that came with the mansion, are especially hilarious.

Mr. Deeds is not what I expected from Sandler and is a really sweet and funny movie. Special features include deleted scenes, outtakes, commentary and a Dave Matthews Band music video.

50 First Dates is another hilarious comedy with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore (together once again as in the Wedding Singer). Sandler stars as Henry Roth, man-about-town and aquatic veterinarian in Hawaii who is smitten by the lovely Barrymore as Lucy, one day while having breakfast. He manages to charm her and they agree to meet for breakfast the next day, but as he soon finds out, Lucy has lost her ability to make short-term memories and doesn't know him from Adam. Soon, Henry is spending every day trying to make Lucy fall in love with him, over and over. Hilarity ensues.

Rob Schneider, as always, makes an appearance as Ula, Henry's best friend and often-times patient, as Ula likes to dive with sharks and get hurt. Plenty of gags occur with Henry's aquatic buddies, and Sean Astin, who plays Lucy's lisping brother with an affinity for steroids, is absolutely hysterical. This movie is terrific - its a perfect date movie and an all-around good comedy. It has a wonderful but unexpected ending and is a must-see. Special Features include bloopers, deleted scenes, commentaries and a making-of featurette, among others.

Big Daddy introduces us to Sonny Koufax, a lazy, good-for-nothing with a law degree and a serious case of the anti-responsibility flu. He has managed to turn a small accident settlement into a way of life, and when his girlfriend leaves him and fate intervenes with a 5 year old boy in need of a father, he latches on to it as the possible salvation of his relationship. Sonny sets about to teach the youngster, Julian, all the things he wishes he had been taught as a child. Wear what you want, eat what you want, watch what you want and do what you want. Soon, Frankenstein (Julian's new name of his own choosing) is a carbon-copy of Sonny. But fate intervenes again and Sonny is forced to fight to keep Julian. Watching the transformation of Sonny from a worthless lout to a caring dad-substitute is both funny and charming. This movie is laugh out loud funny. Jon Stewart co-stars as Sandler's roommate and best friend, Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy) co-stars as Sandlers love interest, while Kristie Swanson plays his ex. This is an adorable movie and one not to miss. Special Features include music vidoes by Garbage, "When I Grow Up" and Sheryl Crow's remake of "Sweet Child O' Mine", making of HBO First Look, trailers and talent files.

The Adam Sandler Collection is a perfect choice for those looking for Sandler goodness or even just a great collection of comedies. Run out and buy it today.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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