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These Old Broads

Score: 45%
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Sony Pictures Home

Region: 1
Media: DVD/1
Running Time: 89 Mins.
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Audio: English, French (Dolby Surround)
Subtitles: English

Wow, what a terrible movie! These Old Broads stars such Hollywood luminaries as Liz Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, Joan Collins and Shirley MacLaine and was written by Carrie Fisher, yet it manages to be silly, over-acted and painful to watch.

Wesley Westbourne (Jonathan Silverman) just wants to make documentaries about the wives of our Presidents past, but in order to get the funding to do that, a sleazy Hollywood producer, Gavin (Nestor Carbonell), convinces him that he needs to facilitate the reunion of 3 famous actresses from the 60's who starred in the musical, "Boy Crazy." Why does he think Wesley can do this? One of them is his adopted mother, Kate Westbourne (Shirley MacLaine), although the two haven't spoken in years. Add to that the fact that the women, including their agent, all hate each other. It's going to be a hard sell, but Wesley sets about visiting each of the ladies in a desperate attempt to make his documentary-making dreams come true.

There's sweet and innocent Piper Grayson (Debbie Reynolds), who now runs a casino with her beloved husband, Bill (Peter Graves). There's body-conscious Addie Holden (Joan Collins), who spends her time getting facelifts and tummy tucks while pining for boyfriend-in-prison, Tony the mobster. Then there's new-ager Kate (MacLaine), who'd rather meditate than make a movie. Finally, there's the ladies' former agent, Beryl (Liz Taylor), who now spends her days wasting away watching the TV and drinking. But it's Beryl who is actually able to rally the women together, with the promise of an exorbitant fee. And get together they do, but fighting all the way. First, there's the constant bickering between Kate and Addie over who the director loved more, since he bedded them both. Then there's Addie trying to steal Piper's current husband, and almost succeeding! When Tony busts out of jail to spend one final night with Addie and dies in the heat of passion, the fun really starts. With all of the scandals and publicity, can Wesley even survive until the reunion gets done or will Gavin pull the plug on the project because the chicks just can't get along? Of course, they get it together and pull off the show, but the road there is a mess.

This movie was just ridiculous. As I said earlier, it was foolish and extremely over-acted and I can't honestly even recommend it for a rental. Even if you are a fan of these ladies, you'll want to pass on this made-for-TV piece of rubbish. My only glimmer of joy was realizing there were no special features to drudge through.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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