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Stan Getz Quartet: Live at Montreaux 1972

Score: 95%
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Naxos of America
Region: 1
Media: DVD/1
Running Time: 62 Mins.
Genre: Classic/Historical/Live Performance
Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo; Dolby
           Digital 5.1; DTS Surround Sound

Stan Getz Quartet: Live at Montreaux 1972 is a high quality film featuring the breathtaking artistry of the Stan Getz Quartet with Chick Corea on piano, Stanley Clarke on acoustic bass, and Tony Williams on drums performing at the Swiss jazz festival in June of that year. This mixed talent of Getz exploring "fusion" jazz, and Corea's electric piano skills and original songs, brings Latin jazz with a Brazilian touch to the foreground.

Stan Getz Quartet: Live at Montreaux 1972 was the master's first appearance at the festival and opened up an entirely new fan base of younger jazz aficionados. Songs featured include 1) Captain Marvel, 2) Day Waves, 3) Lush Life, 4) Windows, 5) I Remember Clifford, 6) La Fiesta, and 7) Time's Lie. The DVD does not include any special features, but there are some notations written by Chick Corea giving a brief history of the band members. The film is not particularly crisp due to the age of the content, but the music is so exhilarating that I didn't give that a second thought.

The Montreux Jazz Festival originated in 1967 by Claude Nobs and has established itself as one of the most prestigious annual music events in the world. The extraordinary list of headliners is drawn from across the musical spectrum and from around the world. Now Eagle Vision is making these concerts available on DVD for the first time.

In Stan Getz Quartet: Live at Montreaux 1972, Getz gracefully presides over his younger, energetic band members with ease; the pulse of the rhythms never ceases and the passion and drive is boundless as the quartet takes your breath away with their entertaining and energizing rhythms. The music is captivating for any era, but the moment is locked in that early jazz festival excitement, and captures this historical event for all jazz enthusiasts to share. This is a great addition to your collection.

-Kambur O. Blythe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jan Daniel

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