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Are We Done Yet?

Score: 89%
Rating: PG
Publisher: Sony Pictures Home

Region: 1
Media: Blu-ray/1
Running Time: 92 Mins.
Genre: Comedy/Family
Audio: English 5.1 PCM (Uncompressed),
           English 5.1, French 5.1

Subtitles: English, English SDH, French,
           Korean, Chinese, Thai, Spanish,


  • KIDding Around on the Set: Making Are We Done Yet?
  • Blooper Reel
  • The Are We Done Yet? Film Quiz
  • Chick Mitchell, Jr.: Jack of All Trades Featurette

Ice Cube is back at it again with Are We Done Yet?, based on the RKO classic Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. With the original movie, Are We There Yet?, I was pleasantly surprised at how funny and enjoyable the movie was. I hoped for the same with this installment and I wasn't disappointed.

Nick Persons (Ice Cube) is a changed man. He has sold his half of the sports memorabilia shop so that he could live his dream and launch a sports magazine. Recently married to wife Suzanne (Nia Long), his tiny apartment now plays host to he and Suzanne, plus her kids Lindsey and Kevin and their new dog, Coco. They are busting at the seams as Suzanne announces that she is pregnant... with twins. An immediate move is needed and Nick and Suzanne find a charming home in the rural town of Newburg. Chuck Mitchell, Jr. (John C. McGinley, Scrubs), the local real estate agent, shows them the house, extolling its virtues as the perfect home for their growing family. As it turns out, he notices that Suzanne is pregnant with twins (he's a midwife and a baby whisperer, after all) and thinks the 5-bedroom, 4-bath house would fit the Persons family to a "t". He gives them the business card of the local contractor, just in case they run into any problems, since the house is, after all, a fixer-upper.

Well, they jump in feet first and buy the place. Not long after they move in, things start going downhill. Raccoons on the roof, electrical system going haywire, lighting fixtures falling and breaking the dinner table during dinner. You name it, it happens. So they decide to call the contractor and who shows up, but Chuck Mitchell, Jr. Turns out, he also wears the hat of the local contractor. And the town inspector. And he's a yoga instructor, professional power walker, former professional basketball player and so on. He seems to have done it all. And he's just the guy to get Nick's house fixed up, which he'll have to if Nick is to get his first magazine issue out in time.

As things progress, eventually Chuck moves his RV on site to oversee the work since every time they turn around, there's a new problem. Bad roof, dry rot in the walls, termites eating the once lovely hardwood floors, etc. In the meantime, daughter Lindsey has fallen for the young brother and helper of the dry rot specialists and sneaks out to a party at his house. Stepdad Nick totally blows it with her when he barges in and demands she come with him. Soon, everyone is mad with Nick because he is making them miserable about the repairs and Suzanne, Lindsey, Kevin and Coco move into the guest house to get away from him. So between the drama with the house and the family, needless to say, he isn't getting his work done on his magazine and may soon have to repay the large advance he used to buy the house. As it turns out, he has been trying to reach Magic Johnson for his cover interview and he simply hasn't had time to draft his interview questions. Turns out old Chuck used to play for the Lakers, well, for 38 seconds of game time anyway and maybe, just maybe, he can help out.

Soon, Suzanne is going into labor and there's no time to reach the hospital and it's Chuck who saves the day again as her midwife, formerly her yoga and Lamaze coach. Although it seemed like Chuck was making up all kinds of stuff about what he has done and who he is, it comes to light that he's simply a really interesting guy who has done many varied things in life. John C. McGinley is absolutely hilarious and yet somewhat annoying in this role. You just find yourself scratching your head, wondering what his deal is, but yet liking him and laughing at his antics at the same time. Ice Cube is predictable but funny in the role of beleaguered new dad and the kids are as merciless as they were before.

Although it's not really heavy on Special Features, a blooper reel included some funny moments caught on tape and I really enjoyed the featurette on Chuck Mitchell, Jr. KIDding Around on the Set had Philip Daniel Bolden (Kevin Persons) playing host as he showed viewers all around the Sony set. He also hosts the Are We Done Yet film quiz, which although it is short, is a fun distraction.

If you liked the first movie, you'll enjoy Are We Done Yet? It's all good, heartwarming and funny stuff, clean enough for the whole family, as long as you don't mind the occasional fart joke.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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