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The Carol Burnett Show: The Best of Harvey Korman

Score: 90%
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Time Life
Region: 1
Media: DVD/1
Running Time: 178 Mins.
Genre: Classic/Comedy/TV Series
Audio: English Stereo

Time Life has once again given us hilarious home entertainment with their newly released DVD, The Carol Burnett Show: The Best of Harvey Korman, showcasing four episodes from the long-running variety series, The Carol Burnett Show. These episodes spotlight the amazing antics of master comedian Korman with the show's co-stars featuring Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and Tim Conway.

Of course, The Carol Burnett Show always opens with Carol adorning one of fashion designer Bob Mackie's originals and getting intimate with questions from her live audience, and in concluding the shows, Carol always has her signature autograph book to be signed by her celebrated guest stars, and with that tug on her left ear lobe as a sign-off to one of her favorite relatives. There's always song and dance, beautiful costumes, and uncontrolled hilarity galore from these famed comedians -- and of course, let's not forget that handsome newcomer Lyle Waggoner who makes Carol go ga-ga!

This one-disc DVD features Korman at his best in skits you might remember. The first episode, Show #030, dated May 13,1968, was the last show of the season and considered a "family" show (without guests) featuring Carol, Harvey, Vickie and Lyle. You'll see both Vickie and Lyle take center stage singing titled songs; Carol and Harvey in the familiar "Old Folks," and the Bradfords in "Carol and Sis." Harvey dreams of being a prosperous playboy with a gorgeous woman fan club, and Carol closes as her famous character, the "Charwoman," singing her long-time theme song, "I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together."

In the second episode of The Best of Harvey Korman, Show #109, dated November 18, 1968, the guests return with famous comedian Sid Caesar and the phenomenal singer Ella Fitzgerald. Carol introduces Ernie Anderson and Ross Martin in the audience, and surprisingly, a lady dressed as "Baby Snoops" with blacked-out teeth pops-up in one of the rows. Ella sings a jazzy "Day In, Day Out" and "Skylark," and Caesar and Carol perform a World War II comedy sketch. Harvey goes drag for a PTA performance and is gorgeously adorable and funny with Isabelle Sanford making a guest appearance. Of course, there's the "Classic Movie Theatre" hosted by Hugh Handsome (Lyle) showing the movie "Mrs. Magnificent," played by Sid, Carol and Harvey. Carol sings "The Trolley Song" followed by her typical autographs and "Goodnights."

For its third episode of The Best of Harvey Korman, Show #305 dated September 29, 1969, showcases the talents of songstress Nancy Wilson, singer/dancer Bernadette Peters and The Burgundy Street Singers. You'll enjoy Carol as she does a take-off as Mae East, Harvey does a Presidential family interview in "Fireside Chat," and Carol gets laryngitis in "Carol and Sis." The Burgundy Singers perform "Marrakesh Express," and Bernadette does a song-and-dance about "Wall Street." Nancy, Bernadette, Carol and Harvey take a walk down movie lane in "They Don't Make 'Em Like That Any More.

On the final episode of The Best of Harvey Korman, Show #509, dated October 27, 1971, Carol plays a flirtatious shopper in "Once Upon a Water Bed" as she browses through a furniture store when she meets another browsing shopper, Tim Conway, and they toy with each other's affections in the bedroom department. Hilarity ensues as the two try to hide their shenanigans from the salesman. Guest stars include Tim Conway and singer Diahann Carroll, who belts out "A Song for You." And, in "Rififi," Tim Conway displays his amazing comedy when he steals the show as an elderly safe-cracker in a diamond robbery with Harvey, Lyle and Vickie as the busty lookout, Maxine. This is another one where Conway is so funny Harvey can't control his laughter. Once again, Carol and Harvey bring a movie parody entitled "Arrivederci, Summertime" where a fading wealthy spinster gets lured into the romance of an aging down-and-out aristocrat.

You'll laugh till your sides hurts watching The Carol Burnett Show: The Best of Harvey Korman. The entertainment is first class and the comedy is superb. Due to the nature and age of the film, there maybe some flaws in the audio and video, but as always, that was not of any importance in my viewing. This DVD is purchased mostly for the nostalgic benefit and the viewers' interests in the entertainment provided by the regular and guest stars. Time Life has presented this edition with all your favorites -- "The Old Folks," "Carol and Sis," the "Charwoman," Conway's "Old Man" character with Carol's crazy commercial and movie parodies. This affordable weekend DVD is a great asset for your family entertainment and won't tax you budget!

-Kambur O. Blythe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jan Daniel

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