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Beverly Hills 90210: The Third Season

Score: 90%
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Paramount
Region: 1
Media: DVD/8
Running Time: 22 Hrs., 51 Mins.
Genre: TV Series/Drama
Audio: Dolby Digital: English Stereo

Subtitles: English/Spanish/Portuguese


  • 7 Minutes in Heaven
  • The World According to Nat
  • Everything You Need To Know About Beverly Hills 90210: Season 3

Beverly Hills 90210: The Third Season is quite the roller-coaster ride for the privileged kids of Beverly Hills. This season, we see Brenda and Dylan break up after Brenda spends her summer in Paris with Donna in an immersion program. She meets the handsome Rick (Dean Cain) and shares some magic moments and kisses, meanwhile back in Beverly, Dylan and Kelly draw closer to each other and share some kisses of their own.

Dylan's dad gets released from prison and is subsequently murdered by the mob folks he testified against. Dylan runs straight into Kelly's arms. Kelly develops an eating disorder and passes out from diet pills at her 18th birthday party, meanwhile Brandon picks up the dirty habit of gambling and gets into some real trouble, with Nat having to financially bail him out.

Andrea locks horns with the new English AP teacher, Gil Meyers, and gets her hackles up when he wants Brandon as the editor of the Blaze, but all things work out as she and Brandon end up sharing the duties. Andrea is accepted into Yale, while Brenda applies for admission into the University of Minnesota, shocking the group after graduation by revealing she'll be leaving Beverly Hills.

Steve bombs his SAT's, among other things, and convinces his freshman buddy to hack into the school's computers and change his grade. When Steve gets busted, he is almost expelled, but his mom saves his skin and he gets stuck doing double detention all year. Donna almost faces a similar fate when she gets plastered before prom and passes out in front of the Vice Principal, thus violating a new "no drinking at prom" rule by the school board. It takes all the juniors and seniors walking out on finals to convince the school board to let Donna pass. The season wraps up with a double episode of "remember whens" with the gang finally graduating.

Special features are fairly sparse, but at least there are some. 7 Minutes in Heaven is basically a montage of clips from the season's highlights. The World According to Nat is a look back at Season Three with Joe E. Tata, or Nat, the owner of the infamous Peach Pit, the gang's hangout. Finally, Everything You Need to Know About Season 3 is a similar feature to one that I recently saw on Melrose Place: Season Three. Comedians Michael Colton and John Aboud run down the scoop of Season Three in a really hilarious way, redoing the intro song with themselves dressed up as the main characters. It's simply something that must be seen.

Beverly Hills 90210: The Third Season is filled with all of the cattiness and backstabbing we've all come to know and love. These kids get into more trouble than you can believe, but that's why we all were glued to our TV sets watching in the early 90's. If you are a fan of 90210, this is a no-brainer. It's a blast to relive these classic 90's moments.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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