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Kim Possible: The Villain Files

Score: 92%
Rating: G
Publisher: Buena Vista
Region: 1
Media: DVD/1
Running Time: 87 minutes
Genre: Action/Comedy
Audio: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)


  • Villain House Party: Help Kim profile new and seriously twisted bad guys
  • LMNT music video: ?It?s Just You?

Nothing is impossible for a Possible...

So says Kimberly Ann Possible?s dad, and ya know, he?s probably right. But more about that near the end (no peeking, now...).

In Kim Possible: The Villain Files, the second Kim Possible DVD compilation issued by Buena Vista Home Entertainment (the distribution side of Disney) the emphasis is on villainy. Kim faces her arch nemesis, Dr. Drakken, along with a couple of other primo foes. For instance, there?s Senor Senior Sr. (voiced with great bravura by Ricardo Montalban) and his son, Senor Senior Jr. The more senior of the Seniors wants to take over the world using classic ?old school? tactics, whereas the junior Senior just wants to hang out at the disco. On the other hand, Duff Killigan doesn?t want to take over the world; he wants to turn it into one giant golf course. And he?s willing to eliminate anyone who stands in his way.

Oh, and in one of the episodes, Kim and her goofy sidekick, Ron Possible, are paired with Agent Will Du. While Du isn?t an enemy, he certainly isn?t a friend either... at least not initially.

For brevity?s sake, and to set up a dastardly challenge for moi, the reviewer, we?ll allow 40 words for the first synopsis and then cut each subsequent synopsis by 10 words (not counting titles):

?Blush,? Dr. Drakken finds he can?t keep Kim Possible from spoiling his plans for world domination. He makes it so Kim disappears a little bit each time she becomes embarrassed, and then sets out to embarrass her by any means possible.

?Animal Attraction? describes Kim?s reaction to ?Animology,? a fad that matches people?s personalities with colors and animals. Ron is shocked; Kim must stop the Senor Seniors from freezing out the Billionaire?s Club.

?Number One:? Kim and Ron team with Will Du to save a weapons and seeds designer from the clutches of Duff Killigan.

In ?Showdown at the Crooked D,? Kim?s niece helps out and gets in the way.

Okay, okay... That last one was pretty sketchy, but as Senor Senior Sr. says, ?There are rules, junior, there are rules.? However, there are also workarounds. Just imagine a dude ranch, mind control hats, and a stampede of stupid geniuses (isn?t that like a giant shrimp??). Now it?s as clear as, well... mud.

But what is crystal clear is that these Kim Possible: The Villain Files episodes are very funny, employing the tried and true formula of combining snappy dialogue between Kim, Ron, Wade (who supplies Kim with cool gadgets and such) and the villain(s) of choice with great action sequences. She may only be a cheerleader, but she kicks major butt in the interest of world peace.

So much for the goods, faithful reader; now for the ?could be betters.? The DVD is called The Villain Files, but there are really only two villains we haven?t seen before: Senor Senior Sr. and Duff Killigan. Dr. Drakken, who was featured on the first DVD (The Secret Files) appears in two Villain Files episodes. What about other villains? What about Lord Monkey Fist (an English nobleman who?s not so noble; a personal favorite), Gill (a mutated man-fish), Jackie the Jackal (pro-wrestler wannabe), or Dr. Dementor (a short guy with big henchmen)? Sure, we love Drakken and Shego (because of their evil banter), but with apologies to Gill, there are more fish to fry here.

Also, the extras could be beefed up just a tad. The Villain House Party and music video are okay, but what made the first episodic DVD release a notch above was the ?in-between? segments featuring Rufus the Naked Molerat and the Kimmunicator. In the Villain Files, one episode leads immediately into the next with no break whatsoever. Believe me, for people with little kids, this is disaster. Imagine, if you will, the following scenario: ?Okay, kid(s), this is the last episode for today/tonight/this minute. After this, it?s time for lunch/dinner/bath and bed.? Well... if there?s no stopping point or bridge segment, it?s impossible to jump up and hit the Off button before the teaser for the next show begins playing. Yes, I know nothing is impossible for a Possible, but trust me, this is impossible for most dads. And the in-between segments from The Secret Files (done in 3D) actually tickled the funny bone.

Lastly but not leastly, while the Universe is random, TV on DVD shouldn?t be. Especially Disney TV on DVD... Kim Possible has been one of the highest rated Disney programs since it debuted in 2002, but it?s still only found on the Disney Channel (and more recently on ABC Kids). What this means is that there are probably, what, about 100 episodes that have aired, and how many have gone to DVD to date -- eight?

This Kim Possible: The Villain Files review opened with the saying: Nothing is impossible for a Possible. Should Disney decide to hook fans of Kim Possible up with season-specific box sets, then maybe that?ll be true.

Oh, and hey -- pre-order mine as soon as the announcement hits!

-Jetzep, GameVortex Communications
AKA Tom Carroll

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