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Baldwin Hills: The Complete First Season

Score: 65%
Rating: PG
Publisher: Paramount
Region: 1
Media: DVD/2
Running Time: 400 Mins.
Genre: Drama/Documentary/TV Series
Audio: Dolby Digital: English Stereo


  • Ashley's Home Tour
  • Hanging with Sal
  • Casting Tapes
  • Cast Interviews
  • The Creators

Ok, so I know that I am not the target demographic for Baldwin Hills: The Complete First Season, but since I had just reviewed The Hills, I thought it might be good to compare the two shows, both about the young and fabulous in L.A. Although they both take place in Los Angeles, the two series (and the groups of people within) couldn't be further from each other, although both focus on fairly shallow young folks who seemed to be preoccupied with mostly silly matters.

While I enjoyed The Hills (although I am somewhat ashamed of the fact), I honestly couldn't stand Baldwin Hills. These kids make high school seem like, well, high school - no, make that middle school. The season focuses on the weeks that lead up to the groups' graduation and while there are moments that focus on issues that people about to embark on a college career should focus on, most of the issues that seem to plague these kids are just plain silly.

The series focuses on Sal, Willie, Garnette, Ashley, Moriah, Gerren, Staci, Roqui, Gaven, Jordan and Daymeon, all kids of affluent black families in Los Angeles. Check that - most of them are. Sal is actually from Watts and has gone to live with his uncle in Baldwin Hills (Fresh Prince anyone?) and is working on a blossoming career in rap. Staci "lives in the hood" and is a friend of Sal's. There are constant clashes between the rough and tough Staci and the girls from Baldwin Hills, because Staci believes they are snobby - actually the word she uses is "bougie". This part of the show seemed really forced. Staci didn't belong and that was made clear time and again, but the things she would do to stir up drama just seemed ridiculous. Who does a lap dance at the birthday party of a girl you just met?

Willie is a photographer and seems to be the most grounded of the group. Gaven plans on a life of politics, but they don't focus too much on him. Jordan is a young entrepreneur who promotes Hollywood gigs and parties and he often clashes with Garnette, a snobby, self-absorbed and annoying girl. Moriah's problems focus mostly on the fact that his mom thinks he is too young to date, so he can't keep his secret relationship with Gerron, a selfish and bratty model, going enough to make her happy. Roqui is the daughter of a sports figure and she's quite the athlete herself. When she has a birthday, she tells her mom she wants a new Mercedes SUV. Huh? No teenager needs one of those, I don't care who they are. Daymeon seemed to be more filler in the show than anything else and I don't really even remember if he had a continuing story. Wait, he says he's the group's funny man and did a stand-up comedy act that wasn't funny. Maybe that's why I forgot about him.

Overall, the show just held no entertainment value for me whatsoever. The kids were vapid and selfish, but it was too childish for me to even enjoy what was happening. I found Baldwin Hills to be too fake and forced and simply couldn't enjoy it. However, for the rabid fan of the show, there are some nice special features included. There's Ashley's Home Tour which is where Ashley takes you on a tour of her home and you get to briefly meet her mom, an actress. I guess if you are a true follower of the show, it's cool to check out her real room and her old-school TV. There's another featurette called Hanging with Sal where he takes you around and shows you what a typical day with him is like. There are casting tapes, which perhaps shed a little light on why the specific cast members were chosen. There's also a featurette on the creators of the show, plus some added cast interviews. A fan will appreciate these added bonus features.

Overall, Badlwin Hills: The Complete First Season is only for the die-hard fan. At least it didn't make a fan of me.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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