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My Little Pony Live! The World's Biggest Tea Party

Score: 100%
Rating: G
Publisher: Paramount
Region: 1
Media: DVD/1
Running Time: 65 Mins.
Genre: Family/Musical/Fantasy
Audio: Dolby Digital: English Stereo

When I was in grade school, I would rush home after school so I could watch My Little Pony, He-man, and all those wonderful cartoons that so many of us grew up on. Honestly, which of you did not have a lunchbox that was splashed with Saturday morning cartoons? My Little Pony was one of my favorites (I have the lunchbox to prove it), so when I got the chance to review a Pony movie, I was overjoyed. I used to sit on the floor at home and spend hours brushing the hair on my little plastic ponies. When I found out it was a live action, musical, touring show that had been filmed live, I about fell out of my seat laughing. I could not fathom how you could successfully pull off a live action musical featuring four-legged critters that tended to fly without completely ruining the whole feel of the original cartoon.

Thankfully, the DVD My Little Pony Live! The World's Biggest Tea Party was done extremely well. The costumes were, surprisingly, impressive. The giant pony eyes blinked, and the pony hair was sparkly enough to captivate even the most annoyingly distracted of two-year-olds. The colors, voices, and personalities of the ponies were excellent. And the sets, the sets were awesome! I'm going to somehow track down where they are keeping the set props stored and thief if all. All the props, backdrops, and set scenes looked straight out of the cartoon; insanely colorful and almost edible. There are these tiny stuffed, winged ponies on sticks that show up near the beginning, and I want them! I can't really understand how the parents in the audience kept their children from running up on the stage and nabbing all the sparkly bits and pieces.

The show starts out with three ladybugs running about with a "How To" book in their clutches. Throughout the movie, they tend to "bug" Spike the dragon... who happens to be looking for the very same book the ladybugs seem to have snatched. Somehow, the dragon and the three ladybugs end up associating with the ponies, and much singing ensues. And I mean much singing. Pinky Pie is woken up by the previously mentioned stuffed ponies and ends up promising all her friends that they will do a ton of fun activities in one day. However, Pinky Pie cannot think of how to fit so many activities into one day. Her organization skills aren't that of a social secretary, I guess. Pinky runs into Spike during her little freak out moment and after much singing, she comes up with the idea to have the World's Biggest Tea Party. All the ponies are then assigned a task in Operation Tea Party, all the while Spike continues his search for his "How To" book.

The ponies pack up their cakes and cookies and head to Rarity the Unicorn's crystal palace to throw the tea party. However, Pinky had spent her time organizing the rest of her friends, so no one would forget anything important. She was so busy, in fact, that she forgets the tea and the tea pot. Of course, none of her friends mind at all and they sing some more. Spike finally finds his book (yay!) and there just so happens to be a poem on how to make tea contained in the book. Spike and Pinky Pie encourage the audience to hold up their paper tea cups and recite them poem with them. When the curtain is pulled aside, there is a massive tea pot setting in front of the castle. In relationship to the castle... one could live very comfortably in the tea pot. My Little Pony Live! The World's Biggest Tea Party is all about teamwork and friendship... which is amazing for people who haven't reached puberty yet.

I wasn't taken back to the days of yore when My Little Pony was a daily staple, but it wasn't the torture I thought it would be either. The set, the cute sing-a-long songs - including one called "Shake Your Cutey" -- and the characters were entertaining to watch. I did stop short of singing, however. Ok, I did sing a few lines of "I'm a Little Tea Pot", but come on. Everyone knows that song! My Little Pony Live! The World's Biggest Tea Party encourages interaction via singing and jumping about. The kids in the audience look like they are ready to explode in wonderment. Anyone with a smallish girl in the family needs to invest in this. How else are you going to keep them quiet for a good solid hour? The special features are animated sing-a-long songs, which means even more quiet time from your hyper tot.

-Phate Kills, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Field

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