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Zuxxez Lands Kings of the Dark Age

Company: Zuxxez
Product: The Kings of the Dark Age

September 24, 2004 -- Zuxxez Entertainment is very happy to announce that it has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to a new turn based game dealing with the medieval history of Europe. In October 2004, The Kings of the Dark Age makes its appearance on PCs worldwide. The developers, Cateia Games in Croatia, retain the rights for Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania.

Based in the turbulent times of the Holy Roman Empire as the Crusades left Europe in rack and ruin, the player dons his armor to complete various missions ranging from building up the town of Aachen and fortifying the region, to doing battle with wild, invading Vikings and dealing with corruption from kings and ambassadors. There is an economy to look after and heavy taxes to pay to the church and to the current rulers. The welfare of the local people must be catered for as famine and disease and times of great poverty arise. The power of the sword is limited to the battlefield. Diplomacy is an acquired skill that plays a great role in opening the doors to wealth and power.

Campaign mode consists of 17 complex levels, taking the player through a historical and combat laden tour of medieval Europe, divided into three chapters and six campaigns with full access to all features and possibilities. Build your army and let your economy prosper, then do battle either in single player mode or in a multiplayer session on the Internet. Getting started is easy with the step-by-step, playable tutorial for both campaign and battlefield modes. War is also a skill that requires practice. In Battlefield mode, there are dozens of single player battlefields with hundreds of units and objects, including villages, caves and ruins and castle sieges. Deploy more than 30 military units and machines of war. Weather effects, burning arrows and blood, all in an impressive scenery with a variety of flora and fauna call The Kings of the Dark Age and troubled, war torn Europe back into existence.

All modes are available in LAN multiplayer, and the Internet over TPC/IP with a match-making server for up to four players: 2 vs. 2 (allied matches) including battlefields, villages, caves, ruins, castle sieges. For those playing alone, the A.I. uses realistic tactics and natural behavior; panic and fear and changes in the level of morale affect the behavior of soldiers and could possibly alter the course of the game.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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