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Aniboom is Coming for You

Company: Aniboom

Like cartoons? Aniboom is a website devoted to showcasing up and coming animation talent, allowing their viewing public to judge and rank those animators and producing animated works and collaborative efforts by the artists who are highest rated. And, just recently, Aniboom has partnered with six additional mobile distributors and five additional online video platforms to increase its reach by more than 340 million viewers. They're looking for you, whether it be as a viewer or as a possible animator.

Aniboom, the premiere independent animation network, has broadened the reach of its content to more than 200 million potential mobile users worldwide through several key partnerships with top mobile entertainment distributors across the globe. Aniboom content is now available through MobiTV's service in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, through Thumbplay in the United States, and through Buongiorno SpA, Cellfish, Jamster, and Player X in Europe.

Additionally, Aniboom has simultaneously launched a call to action for creators to develop animated content for the mobile platform at Aniboom alongside an online program to enable them to achieve a higher success rate selling their creations. The combination of Aniboom's new mobile partnerships and mobile content initiative for creators underscores the company's ability to mobilize independent talent around the world and provide this creator community with major new business opportunities.

Aniboom is the animation studio that connects with independent animators around the world through an online community site, and works with those who the online community determines are the best of the best (via online rankings and comments) to produce series that Aniboom then brings to distributors across platforms (mobile, online, TV, film, games, etc.) Their business model is fascinating. By using independent animators all working from their own personal studios and connecting teams online, Aniboom creates efficiencies and cuts down on production costs. By using rankings and comments of the online Aniboom community as their focus groups, Aniboom can mitigate risk without the costs put into such research by the major studios and pitch only animations that already have fan support to distributors. By distributing across platforms, Aniboom can monetize animated content in all possible ways. The profits made by Aniboom are shared with the creators.

So, if you're into watching animation or if you're an aspiring animator, yourself, then you owe it to yourself to check out Aniboom.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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