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Earth 2160 Website and In-Game Trailer

Company: Zuxxez
Product: Earth 2160

October 1, 2004 -- With great pride and high expectations for its new blockbuster project, Zuxxez Entertainment is announcing its Earth 2160 website is now online. Available right now for streaming or high resolution download, the first in-game trailer can be found on the site.

Earth 2160 follows on where 2150 ended. Three warring factions suddenly bereft of their home planet seek and find refuge on Mars, the Red Planet. Each faction, independently of each other, begins terra forming their new home to make their newly acclaimed planet less hostile. But their exploration of Mars has one massive backlash; something none of the remaining representatives of Homo Sapien had ever reckoned with. A species of being, alien to anything mankind knew, was awakened from thousands of years of suspended animation. These criminals and renegades of an ancient race had been imprisoned by their own kind and left to their fate. And now the paths of destiny cross! Will mankind settle its old dispute and join together to face this new threat to its existence? Or continue blindly, the Eurasian dynasty, The United Civilized States and the Lunar Corporation, with the wars that brought the destruction of Earth? The answers to this lie with the players of this graphically fantastic and breathtaking title from the makers of the complete Earth series, Reality Pump.

-Red Dawg, GameVortex Communications
AKA Alex Redmann

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