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NinjaBee Announces Kingdom

Company: NinjaBee
Product: A Kingdom for Keflings

The great thing about NinjaBee is that every game they release is a different experience. While most developers will find something and stick with it, NinjaBee always has something different up their sleeves. After previous XBLA releases like Cloning Clyde and Outpost Kaloki X, they're bringing another big experience to the service.

In A Kingdom for Keflings, players take the role of a giant who has the ability to build cities for smaller beings called Keflings. You begin with a small group of Keflings and must train them in a variety of jobs to help build their kingdom from the ground up. Kelfings will be able to plant trees, paint buildings or construct other works of art. As the city grows, the musical score will change to reflect the city's current state.

A Kingdom for Keflings will also feature four-player, online multiplayer allowing players to join forces and build larger cities.

"We wanted to make a city building game where the player is more personally involved instead of controlling an abstract floating hand," said Steve Taylor, President of NinjaBee. "A Kingdom for Keflings transports the player to a world they create and allows them to relax, enjoy the world and create a strategy that works for them."

A Kingdom for Keflings will be available on XBLA later this year.

-Starscream, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ricky Tucker

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